Minecraft fan recreates the Death Star destroying Alderaan from the iconic Star Wars franchise

Yet another cool build from the limitless realm of Minecraft

Sci-fi meets Minecraft as we have the latest build doing the rounds in the Minecraft community for showcasing creativity and tons of hard work, this time with a post being shared on Reddit, displaying the Death Star obliterating Alderaan, a reference to the extremely popular Star Wars series. 

Star Wars comes to Minecraft in this epic Death Star vs Alderaan build 

The original Reddit post, which caught the attention of quite a few users on r/Minecraft, posted by user u/Alexander-00AK, captures a moment from the franchise (specifically from “A New Hope”) where the Death Star shoots at Alderaan, causing catastrophic damage which has been captured perfectly by the build. 

Now this build to a more experienced eye does appear simpler than some other ones we’ve seen (which include recreations of the Milky Way galaxy and Batman’s Gotham City among others) although it’s still incredibly cool looking and according to the creator, it took a few hours of effort to make this possible, with continuum shader for optifine 1.18, helping with the visuals. Additionally, they intend to videography this process as sort of a tutorial in the near future. 

Minecraft Death Star vs Alderaan
Image via Reddit

This build serves as yet another example showing how unlimited the world of Minecraft is and just how much freedom players have, with the only bounds being their creativity (or well, the build limit). Unfortunately, the world is not available for download or playable in any way yet so players will have to either wait for that or for a tutorial so they can make something like it for themselves. That being said, it’s really good to see such amazing creations coming from the game and hopefully, we’ll keep seeing more of these in the future. 

What are your thoughts about the Death Star vs Alderaan build in Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below!

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