Minecraft: South Korean University holds an in-game entrance ceremony for new students

A virtual ceremony maintaining COVID 19 restrictions!

With the COVID 19 restrictions imposed all across the globe, more or less the education institutions have been conducting everything online or on a virtual platform. This University in South Korea came up with a creative approach to conduct an in-game Entrance Ceremony virtually in Minecraft.

The game Minecraft is not just limited to the gaming crowd but is more than that. For example, Minecraft has an education edition that has allowed the teachers and students to connect through the game. With the correct procedure, the classes can be conducted through the game due to the possibility of effective communication and interactivity.

A Reddit post of this in-game Entrance Ceremony has been shared by u/bedesloman. The university, which translates to Yeungnam University in English, shared the video on YouTube as well. They called it the “Yeungnam University Metaverse Entrance Ceremony.”

The ceremony consisted of all sorts of events. The clip displayed pieces of the ceremony, beginning with a large auditorium full of Minecraft characters. It was observed, many of the characters had unique skins, seeming to suggest many of the students had already played before. The area displayed was an in-game copy of the university with buildings, walkways, and more present.

The clip transitioned in between covering different events. One part of the clip showed the students gathered around a pole throwing objects at a color-changing object at the top. There was also another event in which the students had to guess and if they guessed wrong, the platform beneath them would disappear. The end of the clip was followed by a firework celebration in front of the main building, showing students looking up to the sky and jumping around.

Clearly, the University did put a lot of effort which included dedication, patience since the structures were the exact copy making it very detailed, and also, they used the Minecraft Redstone Devices, which are time-consuming themselves.

minecraft entrance ceremony
Image via Reddit

Altogether it was the success of this unique virtual event, making it one of the memorable experiences for the students. The Minecraft community across the globe gave a positive response to all their creativity and hard work.

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