Clash Royale Tiebreaker: Tips and Strategies to win every match

Since the last update, Supercell has officially removed the chance to end any match with a Tie. Now, Clash Royale Tiebreaker is causing a lot of doubts and discussions in the community, so here’s all you need to know about it!

What is Clash Royale Tiebreaker?

Tiebreaker kicks in after 6 whole minutes, right after Sudden Death. After that, all the remaining towers in the Arena will lose health incredibly fast, leaving both players little time to react. As soon as one goes down, the match is over and the winner is declared.

What Happens to Troops and Buildings?

All troops and buildings will be removed from the battlefield, regardless of their remaining health. Players cannot play any cards they have in their hand, keep this in mind!

Are there any Game Modes without it?

Not anymore! Every match you play in Clash Royale will have Tiebreaker, including 1v1 ladder. Always keep this in mind when playing, as it will greatly affect the outcome of your match.

How to Take full advantage of the Clash Royale Tiebreaker

Tiebreaker in Clash Royale

There are certain factors which you should keep in mind when the game gets into the tiebreaker.

1. Spell Cycle

Every deck in Clash Royale usually has at least one or more spells, using them wisely during a match is key. This is especially true during Tiebreaker, there’s nothing like a fireball to chip away some health to the enemy tower and secure the victory. If you notice that your win condition is unable to reach the enemy tower, simply focus on gaining the highest spell value possible. Remember to never use high-cost spells unless you have an elixir advantage or Tiebreaker has already started.

2. Keep your defense up at all costs

If you’re holding a tower’s health advantage on the opponent, he could desperately try to spam his troops and spells relentlessly to gain the upper hand. It is Extremely Important to keep your troops and building ready to defend, even offensive troops if necessary! When facing troops spam, make sure they never reach your tower by moving their focus on your troops or buildings. Spell spam can be a bit trickier, try to force the opponent on overcommitting elixir, it may open a window for your win condition and win the match!

3. … or Go all out!

Your opponent is using all the elixir he has to stop your attacks, time to push it even further! Try to use your troops and offensive buildings on both sides of the arena, give your adversary a hard time keeping up with you. It’s harder to defend attacks on two sides, you have nothing to lose, keep the aggression up at all costs!

4. Deck Advantage

You should never build a deck based on Tiebreakers. Most of the matches you will ever play will never reach this far. However, be advised that some Decks will have a big advantage on long matches. Any cycle decks (Xbow, Hog Rider, Miner) will keep you stalling while rotating their Log/Fireball/Poison. Be advised when facing these people and act accordingly!

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I personally love the Clash Royale Tiebreaker. There is nothing worse than playing 6 minutes and gain absolutely nothing just like Defeats. Tiebreaker finally stops players in Global Tournaments from abusing Ties to search for an easier opponent (Ties didn’t count as defeat). It may take some time to adjust to it, but you’ll love them too I’m sure. What do you think about them? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know your opinion!

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I think it’s absolutely terrible. Actually it should be opposite – if I was a weaker player (lower level of towers) and yet managed to hold a draw for 6 mins I should be the one getting additional reward, in this case – win whole game. Tiebreaker means stronger player gets reward for not being able to beat weaker player. It’s absurd.


Hi Lucas, unfortunately Clash Royale doesn’t care about tower level when it comes to Tiebreaker. My best advice is to send a ticket with the ingame menu, giving them some feedback. Since this mode is very new, they may decide to adjust it based on user’s reactions, especially if many players do the same. Have a nice day!

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