KONAMI reveals the eFootball 2023 Update Roadmap

What's coming next?

The popular KONAMI title eFootball will be getting some exciting new updates for both mobile and PC/Console platforms soon. Following the release of the version 2.4.0 update for the ongoing Season 3, eFootball confirmed its plans for the 2023 season with an announcement that showcased the roadmap of upcoming game updates and features.

eFootball 2023 Update Roadmap Overview

Following the feedback received by the eFootball community via Social Media and in-game surveys conducted by the team about the game experience, eFootball has taken note and will be introducing game features over the next updates. The breakdown is in the form of seasonal updates, which means per season we might be getting these rolling soon.

The breakdown and the features coming with the updates are as follows.

Spring 2023 Update

Here are the features that are going to be live with the Spring 2023 update.

Additional Player Slots

The option to purchase additional player slots is scheduled for the Spring 2023 update of eFootball. This is huge for players who have a large roster but struggle to manage due to limited slot availability. This isn’t clear whether the unlocking is done with GP or eFootball Coins, and we’ll have to wait and see when the update goes live to find out.

Adding Player Skills to existing players

Well, well, well. Who would have thought it was a good idea to remove skill tokens from the game? It was heavily criticised by players because they would have appreciated the additional skill provided by the token, and in PES 2021 it was widely used for players to improve their skill set.

Player skills in eFootball 2023
Image via KONAMI

These will make a return to the game this time. However, it is unclear whether they will continue to use the same format as before or introduce something new. It would be ideal if the player could select the skill that best suits their needs, as opposed to the previous system, which assigned a random skill, but we can’t get KONAMI’s thoughts right now.

Contract Renewals

This was a case of criticism that the players were constantly pointing out. These tickets are extremely difficult to obtain and, to be fair, do not provide much of an extension. With so many legendary players whose contracts have expired, this is desperately needed. As a result, the plans to acquire them, as well as additional items for renewals, will be implemented in the Spring update.

Summer 2023 Update

Progression Point reset

spending your Progression Points
Image via KONAMI

Have you ever regretted allocating progression points to a player? Don’t be concerned any longer! With the Summer 2023 update, players can easily reset their progression points using GP and reallocate them as they see fit. This is a really cool and thoughtful feature by KONAMI that deserves to be applauded.

More substitutes for Dream Team

Managers keep their bench ready with five substitutions in real-life football. eFootball 2023 currently allows for a maximum of seven players, implying that the options are predetermined. An update for this is on the way this Summer with the ability to add more substitutes to Dream Team.

eFootball 2023 Future Updates

Although the roadmap is not announced for this, the mentioned features are in the plans. They’ll be implemented pretty soon, so we’ll have to wait.

Master League

eFootball 2022 Master League
Image via KONAMI

The big surprise was that the Master League was not included in the initial release. Master League was expected to get a good revamp, with more features added, but sadly, after nearly two years of eFootball, that has yet to happen. However, KONAMI has stated that this is in the works and will be included in a future update, so the wait will not be over anytime soon.

Edit Mode

Players always prefer the option of Editing mode. Because KONAMI does not have licences for all teams or leagues, it is simple to add your own kits to the game and experience more authentic football. This feature is still in the works.

Other features

More features are in the plans of KONAMI to be added to the game soon. This includes Additional selectable teams in Authentic Team, Cross-platform compatibility on the console along with compatibility between console and mobile. Also, Mobile controller compatibility might see light soon.

Final Thoughts

With this announcement, it is no exaggeration when we say that players are overjoyed to see these coming soon and can’t wait for the updates. All of these are extremely beneficial for a fantastic eFootball experience, and as such, they must be included in the game. KONAMI has done an excellent job in announcing these features, which has raised the bar for the game.

What are your thoughts on the eFootball 2023 update roadmap? What else do you think should be included? Let us know in the comments below!

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