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Fortnite Mobile: 11 issues that bother the players

Fortnite is a widely popular game, played by millions of people every day. The game has a lot of cool and unique mechanics and features like building and editing. But unfortunately, the mobile version of the game has many problems. In fact, some of these Fortnite Mobile issues have not been patched despite being in the game for a long time.

Without further ado, let us look at the Fortnite Mobile issues

1. Performance

The game delivers a poor performance on mobile as compared to other platforms. Fortnite used to run just fine even on older phones. The game previously had a steady frame rate and impressive, console-quality graphics in a mobile game. However, the new season is less optimized and more demanding. A player needs one of the newest phones or tablets to play. The players who use devices with lesser specifications, get irritated while playing the game.

2. Skill-Based Matchmaking

the new system of skill-based matchmaking has been poorly implemented. New or low-level players are being forced to match with high-level players. Personally, I (very high level and won cash from tournaments) am matched with bad players. It can even change based off of the time of the day or day of the week. Some days are seemingly easier to play Fortnite as compared to other days. Sometimes, even on the same day, one lobby might be extremely easy while another lobby is not so easy.

3. Cross-Platform

The game is now cross-platform. Console players have the ability to turn this off (Xbox only plays against Xbox, PS4 only plays against PS4) but mobile players are forced to play against everyone. I rarely find other mobile players in my games. Most of the players that I run into are on console. This makes the game difficult and unfair for mobile players. The players on other platforms are comparatively on an advantage over the phone players because of the controls.

4. Stale Gameplay

Fortnite has not been significantly updated recently and will not be updated anytime soon. The season was also extended for an extra 2 months. The only significant change made recently was the unvaulting of a different gun each day over the holiday break. However, this is same for all the platforms.

5. Poor competitive scene for mobile devices

Fortnite Mobile is not up to its full competitive potential. There are reports of players using ELO exploits in WR to gain an unfair advantage. Also, there are reports of players using controller or KB+M on mobile and playing against touch players, to gain an unfair advantage in a tournament that is intended to be platform-specific. This is among one of the most dominant Fortnite Mobile issues.

6. Regional Skill-Gaps

Very small skilled mobile player base outside of eastern North America. Many NAE players play in NA West, Europe, or Asia to win more money and face worse opponents. Mobile cash cups take forever to queue up and have the same players in every game. Less skilled mobile player base and large skill gap. You are either good or not good, the only in between is if you are good on 30 fps phone with a tiny screen and die because your opponent is using a far better of device.

7. Pub-Matches

Public matches are not rewarding for good players, and offer no path to improvement for new and average players. Since public matches are now filled with CPU’s, new players will only ever become good enough. Good players face the same bots. And getting a win every game gets tiring and is not satisfying since you know you were just fighting CPU’s, and maybe ran into one or two teams of real players.

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8. Patch-Notes

There is a significant amount of poor communication from developers. Patch notes did not exist for some time and now have less detail than previous seasons. Many changes go undocumented, which is bad for competitive players. These players need to adjust to a new meta, such as using fish to tank damage in the zone or use the Harpoon gun to grab the loot.

9. Mobile game glitches

This is among one of the most prominent Fortnite Mobile issues. Game glitches such as edits not working correctly, terrible 3D audio, builds not placing etc are irritating for any player. Sometimes, players even find that they were seemingly killed through a wall.

10. Game-Events

In-game events such as the Star Wars event lasting too long and their OP items become annoying instead of fun to use. The last in-game event partially did not work on mobile. Instead of seeing the new Star Wars scene being premiered in-game, you saw nothing at all. Previous in-game events worked just as well on mobile as they did on any other platform.

11. Notification System

New “Your friend is playing Fortnite” notifications are repetitive. The notifications sometimes do not even tell you who is playing. This can be improved in many forms. They are automatically turned on for all the players you add. This can quickly get annoying if you play on a mobile device, as the same notification keeps showing up.

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Some good things about the game

  1. If you play on an iPad Pro, you can modify the game to run at 120 fps, and it is very smooth and consistent. Unfortunately, it is the only mobile device that is powerful enough to smoothly run the game at or above 60 fps.
  2. Winter Royale was a fairly decent tournament with platform-specific matches and gave lots of people the opportunity to win cash. Previously, mobile players had to play against console and PC in tournaments, and not many mobile players even came close to winning.
  3. New default HUD layouts were added to mobile, and while they aren’t really that good, some improvement has been made.

The game is in a decent state right now on mobile aside from the performance issues. Fortnite is still hands-down the best battle-royale you can play anywhere on your phone, and hopefully, the developers optimize it next season to work better and faster on mobile so anyone can enjoy playing, whenever and wherever you go.

What are your likes/dislikes on Fortnite Mobile? Do let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you liked reading the article, do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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