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Fortnite Mobile Skill based Matchmaking and Crossplay: Disaster for Mobile Gamers?

The update 10.40 added Fortnite Mobile skill based matchmaking and crossplay matches to the game. As stated by Epic, “Players are now more likely to match with those of similar skill.”

The goal of this change was to create fairer matches for everyone. However, Epic made a more controversial change that was not stated in the patch notes. Players are no longer matched with only players using the same platform (PC, console, or mobile). Instead, you are matched with everyone.

Many mobile players are not happy with this change. The main reason is that they believe they now have a disadvantage over players on PC and console.

The official announcement

Fortnite Mobile skillbased matchmaking and crossplay, Fortnite mobile

I played dozens of games on the new update and noticed that my games felt different. But it is not in an easier or harder sense. Instead of dealing with players of all different levels of skill throughout the entire course of the game, I mostly encountered sweaty players and only at the end of the match. The games seemed to end much quicker than before, with most players not surviving past the first storm phase. I was still able to win easily on the new update. However, I noticed that endgames felt more like PC or console lobby endgames on the old version of the game.

I could see how anyone who is just trying to play casually would not like the change, and even average and good players were not happy with the change.

Community reactions

A tweet discussing the new changes was linked on the Fortnite Mobile subreddit, drawing mostly negative reactions:

  • “This really sucks LMFAO trying to play against pro controller switch players is hard enough now we have to deal with people on 200 FPS and buffed aim assist”
  • “Such a bad change!”
  • “Don’t worry guys, COD mobile is out tomorrow”
  • “ With the implementation of sbmm, and the confirmation that we’re cross-platform, I’d say that’s it for me. I consider myself a decent player (800 wins/20%wr/4.9kd) but now I’m being stomped by PC players every match in solos. I don’t think that stats translate well between mobile and pc, and technological limitations of touch screen inputs on a phone versus a high-performance computer don’t match up”

My humble opinion about Fortnite Mobile Skill based Matchmaking and Crossplay

The last reply is especially accurate. My work schedule does not permit me to rack up nearly 1000 wins, but I am not far behind. After playing a few matches, I noticed that my games got about twice as hard basically overnight. I’m used to playing against PC players as Arena games have always been mixed and mostly PC players. However, it seems that the majority of mobile players do not want to be forced to play against PC players, and feel that they have a big advantage on them in almost every way. I am not getting destroyed in every game, but a beginner or an average phone player would likely have a hard time with this new change.

Mobile has come a long way since its beginnings last year, but this is a step backwards. Skill-based matchmaking is definitely a good thing, as long as everyone still plays against other players on the same platform.

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