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How Fortnite Chapter 2 has affected Fortnite Mobile players

Fortnite Chapter 2

Season 10 of Fortnite ended dramatically, with players witnessing the entire island being sucked into a black hole. And then being unable to play for the next 2 days. If they attempted to log in, they would be greeted with a black screen with a small black hole in the center, and nothing more. This scared many players that the game was over. Or, they’d lose their locker and V-bucks, with fake screenshots being posted stating that this was the end. That is how Fortnite Chapter 2 started!

The game finally came back online about 2 days later, and players were greeted with an entirely new game, with a new map, new items, new skins and emotes, and presumably a completely new storyline.

Change in Quality of Life

Epic added many new Quality of Life features to make the game more enjoyable and less “grindy”. Players can now spectate your teammates even if they are not in the same game as them. The Battle Pass system got a rework. There is no longer a separation between account level and battle pass level. The loot pool is much simpler in Fortnite Chapter 2. Almost all of the utility items being vaulted. For each class of weapon, there are no more than 2 variants. With most weapon classes only having one type of weapon. Of course, the rarer weapons have improved damage and accuracy, and often look, feel, and sound different even though they are the same.

Performance Improvements on Mobile

If you play on mobile or Switch, you’re probably wondering if your older phone can handle all the changes present in Fortnite Chapter 2. Fear not, because the game runs smoother than before and despite all the new features and items. If you’re looking for a new mobile device for mobile gaming, I recommend the new iPad Air. It’s a powerful tablet capable of 60 FPS gameplay on every mobile game I’ve tried. It works great for Fortnite Chapter 2, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, and many more.


This season added Bots to the game, which are AI’s that try to play like real players. It is just they are very bad at their job. Bots do not build except for placing one wall to defend themselves. They have very poor accuracy and slow reaction times. Unfortunately, I’ve found most matches are filled with bots, with less than half of the players in the match being real. I usually play with console players so there is more challenge, but on mobile lobbies, I’ve found that sometimes there are as few as 10-20 real players in a match, and upwards of 80 bots.

Tip: You can see how many players in your matches are real. Just open the menu, select Report Player, and choose a random reason. You’ll get a list of all the real players in your match.

While these bots may be a way to help newer players improve, they shouldn’t be in skilled player lobbies. They make the matches boring and less rewarding when we win or hit a trickshot.

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Synced Emotes are now available, such as the High Five emote. Where you can give your teammates a high five and the emote will be in sync. Unfortunately, on mobile, you can’t use any of your collection of toxic emotes, or crank the 90s, or really anything when you win. The entire HUD disappears when you finish a game. To make it worse, your console or PC teammates can do anything they want. This was likely an unintentional side effect of refining the animation you see when you win. Which now shows how much XP you earned towards your Battle Pass.


Chapter 2 has a completely new map. With some familiar POIs from the old map and many new ones. The new map is bigger than the old one, a nice change. Mobility has been simplified, with the only drivable vehicle being a boat that can also be driven on land, albeit with poor handling. Many players have complained about the removal of jump pads and all the mobility utility items from the last season. However, I’ve found it makes my games slower-paced. But with more opportunities to run into other teams trying to rotate into the next safe zone. I’ll often find myself surrounded by enemies in all directions and since there is no mobility aside from the boats, it leads to a massive fight between my team and the 2, 3, or even 4 teams in the vicinity.

In Comparison to Chapter 1

fortnite mobile

I’ve played Fortnite Mobile since season 4 of Chapter 1, and while it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had on mobile, this chapter delivered much-needed improvements, and I’ve enjoyed it much more than the last season.

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