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Free Fire: 20 updates that fans want in the game

Fans do love the game being player friendly, don't they?

Free Fire has a wide array of features that have been added in past patches, and which each version, more is released. Still, some game changers and small additions that could smooth out gameplay more, which are overlooked by the devs. The player base has requested a lot of these minorities, but they have yet to be added to the game. This article will list 20 such updates that the fans want in Free Fire apart from the usual bugs and glitches that need to be fixed.

List of updates that fans want in Free Fire

1. Sharing Custom HUDs

Free Fire updates that fans want

One of the updates that the fans want in Free Fire is sharing their Custom HUDs without having to send screenshots or resort to other means of sharing. This feature could be added in the Settings menu near the upload and download custom hud option. The shared hud could be an image or even the actual settings which could potentially decrease the button sizes to fit the screen on smaller devices.

2. Fully customizable HUD

The custom HUD is not fully customizable so new players that played other BR titles before could be confused about why some buttons can’t be moved. Allowing players to fully customize their hud would allow for more freedom in changing the layout of the HUD to the player’s favor.

3. Saving costumes

Free Fire updates that fans want

In the OB24 update, a fast equip feature for costumes was added which allows you to quick-equip a costume’s set without the hassle of manually scrolling down each section and selecting each piece. However, shortly after a mutual question arose of when a save costume feature would be added.

Currently, there is no way to save costumes in the vault so the closest you can get to this is by equipping a costume on another character you own and copying this on the character you want. This feature could be added in the vault next to the quick-equip function allowing players to save costumes they’re currently wearing.

4. More frequent custom gamemodes

Free Fire updates that fans want

Custom game modes have always been a success, some less frequently played but still a relief from the intense battle royale modes. Having multiple modes return at a time means more variety which in turn means more fun, especially for new arrivals.

5. Gifting duplicates

Duplicates have always been a bore to have as all you can do is put them up for display inside the vault or claim them to get scans or mere FF tokens. Some players already have a ton of these and wish to just gift them away instead of opening them. A balanced duplicate item gifting feature could benefit others with these excess items that have nothing to do with them.

6. Exchanging duplicates for diamonds

Free Fire updates that fans want

Another way to get rid of pesky duplicates would be exchanging them for diamonds. Items have a certain value, some high and some low so the diamond exchange would have to be equivalent to the worth of the items. This could also drop the game’s P2W factor as players could then earn diamonds simply by owning items they already have instead of having to sometimes solely rely on time-limited special events.

7. More advanced gift store

Free Fire updates that fans want

The gift store is one great and easy way to gift items to players. However, it requires a heap of diamonds to be spent as the items in it are expensive and limited. Fans in some servers wish their server’s gift store were more advanced with more items, making more items eligible for gifting. The store could include more bundles, better weapon crates, and maybe even a diamond gifting feature with proper limits.

8. Less time on Gold Royale

Gold Royale is the longest-lasting royale extending sometimes extending up to 60 days with a luck value that could reach over 100 without receiving the Grand Prize. Another game-changer players hope for is substantially decreasing the wait time for another Gold Royale (and maybe more prizes) which would allow for more gold-royale exclusive packages to arrive.

9. Changing servers easily

Server changing has always been a struggle as the game is region-based and auto assigns its players to their designated region. The only way to change regions as of now is by making/using a fresh account with a VPN enabled until the registration is complete. Changing servers automatically will save players this hard work and give them more freedom in deciding which server they want to play in.

10. Less/disabling filtered chat

The chat filter in the game filters out words that are inappropriate to be presented, by making them appear as **** (e.g cus***). However, the chat does filter out some regular words (e.g can’t, ready, etc.) which trigger a lot of people, as they need to retype and space the words in between to send it. The same counts in every chat, so allowing people to enable or disable filtered chat, which would be a useful addition to the game.

11. Token conversion

Free Fire updates that fans want

By the usual, special events drop special tokens which are used to exchange for items in their designated exchange store. However, after an event comes to an end, the remaining tokens are left in the vault with the majority not having any use anymore. A token conversion system could be introduced similar to the incubator project exchange for rubies and sapphires. The tokens could be given a new purpose by being exchanged for any token of a current event that’s taking place.

12. Invite by UID in custom rooms

Custom rooms only have the ability to allow game friends, guild members, or random people that see the (public made) room listed to enter. Friends can again invite their friends to further fill up the room. These are the only possible ways to invite people which is why a UID invitation system is much requested, especially for those who don’t want to leave the room in order to invite their friends from the list.

13. Magic Cube store refreshing more

Free Fire updates that fans want

The Magic cube store is a much-used exchange store by players that have any magic cubes to spend. Nowadays players are stacked with magic cubes and don’t know what to do with them. This is because the store refreshes only after a very long period of time and bundles that get added are usually ones players already have. The store either needs more packages and have a definite refresh time or magic cube exclusive bundles that get removed after the period ends to satisfy players with excess cubes.

14. Rank store refresh

The Rank token store has been out for quite a while now with many already having its never-changing contents. With the removal of the Winter Warrior costume, it would better to have more exchangeable rank store exclusives for some while others would rather see the outfit make a comeback.

15. Changing the game’s OSTS manually

Free Fire updates that fans want

The game’s OSTS (Original Sound Tracks) is very intriguing to listen to for some players, ever-changing with every patch. For those interested, a “change menu/lobby music” where players can choose out of all of the previous game OSTS could be introduced.

16. Better level up rewards

Currently, the level up system in the game provides nothing too useful, but can’t be avoided if the game is played frequently. Each time a new level is reached players are prompted to open their level up chest only to receive a 3-7 day item or just 1 uncommon to the rare voucher of some sort. For these reasons, the level up system needs a complete overhaul and could, if considered, offer higher level rewards for those at the higher levels.

17. Better daily rewards

Free Fire updates that fans want

One of the updates that fans want in Free Fire is for the daily rewards, which do offer small bonuses on each daily login but are always looked upon as just another useless feature. Just like the level-up system, it needs a major overhaul which could provide players with higher-level rewards the more the player plays and levels up or just be remade to offer event-themed items.

18. Guild system overhaul

Free Fire updates that fans want

The guild system is only recognized by its one rare reward for contributing: a room card. Most other features are discarded like the daily rewards and limited guild token store. Shortly, there is a lot to be improved and requested like better tournament rewards, better daily rewards, and official store refresh time.

19. More ‘hidden’ shirts

Clothes are merely cosmetic and do not affect gameplay in any way, however, many shirts that aren’t in the epic rarity section can not hide vests causing the vest to appear on top, hiding the clothing’s beauty. Most of these shirts are Free pass/Elite Pass exclusives that are quite catching to wear, but due to the lack of the hide vest feature, they sometimes don’t even seem at all.

20. More Maps

Free Fire updates that fans want

Last but not least, more maps could always be added as the current 3 are already explored by most players. Free Fire has the least maps in comparison to PUBG Mobile (4), COD Mobile (6), and Fortnite Mobile (16) which makes the game feel sort of repetitive, especially since the same map locations are used for most events. More maps mean more variety and more fun for those who have grown tired of seeing the same spots each time they play.

Do you think these updates that fans want are necessary for Free Fire? Let us know in the comments!

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