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Free Fire Guide: Tips to change server in the game

Play with your friends on another server easily!

It is a well-known fact that Free Fire doesn’t support cross-server play. This doesn’t really imply you can’t play with your friends from other servers, though. Free Fire doesn’t show any options to change server so players usually interpret it as a myth to be able to change servers but it’s actually quite true. Today, in this article we look further into how to change server in Free Fire.

Points to remember before changing server in Free Fire

Before we discuss how to change server in Free Fire, it’s important to remember these things

  • There’s no way you can change the server of an existing account. If an account has been created on the Indian server, it’ll always be tied to the Indian server only.
  • You can only create new accounts in servers they are interested to try out.
  • Players might not get a suitable ping if they decide to play on a server that doesn’t belong to their locations. Using a VPN won’t solve this issue either.
  • VPN is only required once, and that’s when you’re creating an account on the desired server. Post that, for login purposes, you won’t require a VPN ever again.

How to change your Server in Free Fire

1. Guest Account Method

This method involves creating a guest account with the help of a VPN. If you already have a guest account, you’ll have to first get rid of it. This can be achieved by either linking it with Google, VK, or Facebook or by deleting the data files of the game from the app settings.

Free Fire Server Change

Now, close the game and select the preferred server via the VPN in which you want to play in. After having chosen the server, open the game. Next is to create a new guest account with the VPN enabled. The region gets displayed in the bottom left corner, if it shows your preferred server name in there it implies you have successfully created a new account in that specific server.

Free Fire Server Change

Now, you simply link it with your social media so that you don’t lose this account in the future.

2. Create an additional login account

This method doesn’t require you to get rid of your present guest account. Neither do you have to delete your data files either. All you have to do is, make a Google or Facebook account with the help of a VPN in your desired region. After doing this, simply link the login credentials of this new account with your current guest account. That’s it!

3. Get assistance from friends

The friends from other servers with whom you wanna play can play an important role in this method that will ease up your work. In this method, all you have to do is, ask your friends to create a new guest account in their own server or a new Google/Facebook/Vk account that they can share with you.

Free Fire Server Change

Once they do this, have them share the account credentials with you. The next step is to log out from your current account and log in with the new credentials. This way, you’ll have a new account on their server.

Alternatively, you can ask your friends for any throwaway, spare account that they don’t use anymore. This is, by far, the easiest way to get to play on other servers. After getting login details, you’ll just have to log in with that account. These methods don’t even require a VPN since your friends are doing the account creation part for you.

Changing servers in Free Fire: FAQs

1. Will I get banned for using VPN?

First of them all, using a third-party VPN app won’t get your present main account banned. It’s such because the said VPN isn’t modifying the game files. Should it do so, you will be in trouble and might even lose your main account.

2. What will happen to my main account?

Your main account will be safe even if you try to change the server to Free Fire. You can always log back into it. All you have to do is, simply log out of your account and be the guest account. Your original server name shows up in the bottom left again when you log in with your main account.

3. Can I do in-game purchases on the other server?

Yes, you will still be able to purchase in-game items in your account from another server at the tap of a finger. There’s no change in purchase methods.

That’s all about how to change your server in Free Fire! Feel free to drop down your opinions in the comments!

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Zero Krish

Tnx, really good info


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Prince Yubraj

I am from Nepal.
i went Dubai 1 year ago. I had created my account from Nepal and I had India region at that time after visiting Dubai my Freefire account automatically changed its region to middle east is there any possibilities of changing my existing account region.

We yokoung

My account delete so return my account plz


I have started free fire from Japanese server. But I want to play with my Indian friends. So how can I change my server without changing the character of my game

Razz TDM

Bro how to change my indian server id to singapore server

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