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Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy: Is ToF really the Genshin Killer

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The global version of Tower of Fantasy crossed 10 million downloads in just 11 days. Players have been comparing the MMORPG with the HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact for a long time with some people also referring it to as Genshin Killer. In this Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy editorial, we will compare Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact in various aspects.

Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy

Story and voice acting

While the story is not bad it is definitely not compelling enough to drive players to the game on its own. Plenty of the story follows along a predictable line and apart from some characters, there is not much to care and players will be reaching for the skip button more often than not.

Genshin Impact does a much better job as it has a great core storyline complemented by strong character development. What Tower of Fantasy does better than Genshin is NPC design and feel though not by much as they lack expressions.

Tower of Fantasy wallpaper, Tower of Fantasy, ToF, Tower of Fantasy fortress sabatons blue chip chest Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy
Image via Level Infinite

The voice acting is good and does the job, but it feels a bit off for some characters. Compared to Genshin Impact, the voice acting lacks polish and there are also localization issues that appear here and there. Tower of Fantasy, though gives the main character a voice in cutscenes as opposed to the silent Aether/Lumine in Genshin Impact.

Player vs Player and Co-Op

In terms of Co-op, Genshin Impact only lets up to 4 players join a world. Players can complete domain challenges, defeat world bosses and help other players with some world quests and that’s pretty much it that Genshin has to offer in the multi-player category. Genshin Impact focuses things more on single-player mode.

PvP in Genshin Impact doesn’t exist considering the fact whales and heavy spenders exist which may seriously ruin the experience of F2P players in PvP mode. Tower of Fantasy engages players more in Co-op/multi-player activities considering the fact that it is an MMO and “a shared open world MMORPG” is literally their motto.

It is no surprise that you’ll find many other players on the same server you’re in. Take a look at world bosses for example no matter how strong a player is in ToF soloing the overworld bosses here is no easy task. The game offers a decent amount of multi-player challenges and in terms of PvP ToF offers a 1v1 game mode known as Apex League

Character Creation and Customisation

The feature of character creation doesn’t exist in Genshin Impact, in the first few minutes after starting the game players can choose between the male or the female protagonist and continue their journey with one of these pre-designed characters.

Character creation ToF Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy
Image via Level Infinite

Although it is not necessary for players to use their chosen character as players can also use the character they obtained from the gacha system.

Tower of Fantasy, however, gives players the freedom to customize their own characters in any way they may imagine before starting the game, as in ToF a player’s character is not bounded by a specific weapon and players may use any weapon they obtained from gacha on the character they made. And of course, players can also use any other character they obtained from the gacha system.

Combat Gameplay

Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy differ a lot in the way the combat happens in the two games. While Genshin focuses more on the abilities of different characters and the synergy between them, Tower of Fantasy revolves around the weapons that the character wields and their combination.

Combat gameplay ToF Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy
Image via Level Infinite

Tower of fantasy has more depth in combat with far superior dodging abilities and a varied attack scheme including aerial attacks. Additionally, special abilities and weapon gadgets such as the Colossal Arms add more to the already good combat mechanics.

One irritating issue is that at higher levels, almost all foes have big shields that respawn in small time making combat a tiring experience for some. Compared to Tower of Fantasy, Genshin Impact has a much more simplistic approach as it leans into elemental reactions and their synergy and has a lesser learning curve comparatively.

Endgame Content

Endgame ToF Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy
Image via Level Infinite

A place where Genshin Impact lacks is the endgame content and apart from Spiral Abyss, there is not a lot for travelers to do in Teyvat. Tower of Fantasy does well in this regard by providing wanderers bounties, daily and weekly missions, dungeons and ruins, a far more extensive exploration, guilds, and more.  While it is early in the life of Tower of Fantasy looking at the early signs it looks more promising in terms of endgame content as compared to Genshin Impact.


The open world forms a big part of the player’s experience in both games. Both games feature an expanding world with varying landscapes and there are two distinct features that make them differ: transportation and scavenging.

Genshin Impact The World of Aranara Quest Guide
Image via HoYoverse

Genshin Impact has only teleport waypoints and gliders for making the adventure in Teyvat faster while Tower of Fantasy takes it a level further by giving vehicles, jet boards, and jet packs in addition to Spacerifts, which act as waypoints. Tower of Fantasy also has Relics, that help in combat, puzzle solving, and exploration.

What is a rather annoying pain point in Tower of Fantasy is the time-gated features such as loot boxes/ supply pods, missions, and experience levels. Also, Tower of Fantasy is clunky at times and is not as smooth as Genshin Impact, especially in simple navigation mechanics such as climbing.

The aspect of Gacha

Gacha is the central piece of Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy. Each game with gacha mechanics has various banners, and their associated currency and pity. Tower of Fantasy features more standard and limited-time banners and it is a bit more forgiving than its counterpart in terms of the number of resources required.

Tower of Fantasy Reroll Guide
Image via HoYoverse

The number for guaranteed SSR (the highest rarity) is 80 as compared to the 90 pulls required to get 5-star weapons/ characters in Genshin. It also stands apart from Genshin as it has no pity reset system meaning even if players acquire SSR before 80 pulls they are guaranteed another SSR on reaching the pity.

Final Thoughts

While Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy share similarities they are from different genres. Genshin Impact is a single-player RPG with a Co-op feature while Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG. Both games have their share of pros and cons. While Tower of Fantasy provides an extensive customization suite, a detailed combat experience, PvP, and a far more generous gacha mechanic,

Genshin Impact is a far more polished game with a better storyline and lore and a connected open world. Simply put, try both and choose the one that keeps you coming back for more. Either way, you will be richly rewarded for your time investment in both of the games, and let us not forget the fact that both of the games take inspiration from the 2017 game of the year Breath of the Wild.

So who do you think stands out in the Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy battle? Let us know in the comments below!

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