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Genshin Impact 2.0 update Spiral Abyss changes and tips to get 36 stars

It is said that many secrets and treasures that have been long forgotten by this world lay buried within...

Spiral Abyss is a domain located in Musk Reef which is unlocked in the Genshin Impact 2.0 update when players reach Adventure Rank 20. It can be accessed through the wormhole in the sky at Cape Oath. For the more adventurous players, gliding or using Kaeya to create a cryo bridge, to walk on is another way to reach the domain. Spiral Abyss has two parts, the first is floors 1-8 and the second is floors 9-12. In this Genshin Impact article, we will look at the changes of Spiral Abyss in the enemy lineup, coming with the Genshin Impact 2.0 update, giving tips to get all 36 stars.

Spiral Abyss 2.0
Genshin Impact: Spiral Abyss 2.0

Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss: Floor by Floor overview

  • Floors 1 to 8 are called Abyss Corridor, givinng players one time rewards on completion. The rewards for each floor are 300 Primogems, 60000 Mora and Domain Reliquary(s) on obtaining all 9 stars. Domain Reliquary gives the players random artifacts on opening the box. On clearing Floor 3, Chamber 3 travellers will get a free Xiangling.
  • Post floor 5, the Spiral Abyss will diverge into two paths. Travellers will need to prepare two teams. 
  • Floor 9 to 12 are called Abyssal Moon Spire and are the repeatable part of the spiral abyss. Every 15 days, the progress on these floors are reset during the Moment of Syzygy. The first phase that is the first fifteen days is called the Waxing phase while the second half is called the Waning phase. Players have the opportunity to get 600 Primogems and 240k Mora on getting 36 stars.

Spiral Abyss has its set of restrictions, which makes it very challenging in the Genshin Impact 2.0 update. Players cannot change their party setup, artifacts or weapons. Neither can heal or revive the characters using food or other consumables. Like other domains, Spiral Abyss also has different Ley Line Disorders, which offers various buffs or debuffs.

Changes in Spiral Abyss with Genshin Impact Patch 2.0 update

The changes in Spiral Abyss, that are introduced with the Genshin Impact 2.0 update, are in lineups for all the floors from 9 to 12 along with changes in Ley Line Disorder. For the first time, floor 12 will also have a Ley Line Disorder. Below is the floor of the change by each floor.

Floor 9

The sheer cold effect is replaced by a plasma field that gradually shrinks in size over time. Standing outside the field will deal Electro damage to the characters every 5 seconds.

The major change in the lineup is that the cryo opponents are replaced by the electro counterparts, Treasure hoarders replace the hilichurls and the Cryo, Hydro Abyss mage are replaced by Pyro Agent and Electro Cicin mage.

Floor 10

The Leyline Disorder for the new spiral abyss is that one of the enemies is designated as a Leader, who is accompanied by several attendants. Each attendant provides the leader with 10% resistance to both elemental and physical damage. Every 12 seconds, the leader will heal for 5% health for every attendant on the field.

The leader is denoted by a green-coloured aura. This new leyline replaced the Sheer Cold and warming Seelie disorder from the last patch. The main change is that fatui skirmishers are added. To break their shields bring the characters that possess the shield breaking element. 

Floor 11

The 300% swirl damage buff is replaced by a 60% buff for pyro and cryo. Monolith defence is also removed in this patch. On 11-1 and 11-2 normal Mitachurls are replaced by Electro infused Mitachurl and a Thunder-helm Lawachurl. Ruin guard, Ruin hunter and Abyss Herald, Abyss Lector is replaced by Cryo Hypostasis and Pyro Hypostasis respectively on 11-3.

Floor 12

For the first time, there is a Ley line disorder on floor 12. The disorder is an energy tide that switches every 10 seconds. They switch between elemental high tide and low tide. During high tide every 2.8 seconds, hitting the enemy generates 10 energy while in low tide party members cannot gain any energy be it from using elemental skill or from the energy recharge stat.

The geovishaps on 12-1 are replaced by Samurai’s from Inazuma in the first half meanwhile the second half has cicin mage, pyro agent, and Mirror Maiden. 12-2 second half has Maguu Kenki instead of the Geovishap hatchlings and Stonehide Lawachurl. 

Lastly, Abyss Herald and Abyss Lector are replaced by Ruin Hunter and Ruin Guard respectively. Accompanying the ruin guard and hunter are Ruin sentinels.

Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss tips to get more stars

1. Choose the benedictions carefully

Three cards called Benedictions are shown at the start of each floor. These grant special buffs like increased elemental skill/burst damage increased attack percent etc. To get maximum advantage it is recommended to pick the buffs that are valid for the floor rather than a chamber. Healing benedictions or HP increasing benedictions are the least rewarding benefits and should not be picked at any cost. Picking healers in the team is always recommended which will cover the healing needs. Therefore always pick offensive benedictions which are applicable on the current floor.

2. Use the blessing of the Abyssal Moon

Blessing provides buffs to the players and using this will certainly help in clearing the spiral abyss. The current abyssal moon decreases the defense of opponents hit by normal, charged, or plunging attacks by 7% for 10 seconds and has 5 max stacks. Using these buffs can shred the opponents’ resistance and increase your character’s damage by a huge amount. Sleeping on these buffs is a mistake a lot of players make that can be easily avoided.

3. Enemy lineup knowledge

Knowing the enemy lineup before beginning the challenge is imperative. The lineup dictates the team composition that players will pick since the players can exploit the weakness of enemies. Also, several enemies have high resistance to some elementals/physical damage therefore avoiding characters that possess the same element is a solid idea. 

4. Use I-frames

Avoiding damage is of high priority during the runs in Spiral Abyss. Players cannot revive the fallen characters nor use consumables for healing making defense an important part. Another advantage with dodging enemy attacks is avoiding the knockback abilities which saves a lot of time thereby increasing the time during which players can inflict damage on the opponent.

I-frames are the short invulnerability window that allows players to evade the enemy attack. I-frames can be activated by swapping the characters but the window for invincibility is very small. A better alternative is dashing right before the enemy attack. A bunch of elemental skills and bursts also have I-frame abilities, one example is Lisa’s burst. Watch TAKE no damage from enemies by this Genshin Impact Advanced Movement guide here.

5. Elemental burst management

Elemental Bursts are one of the most important parts of a character kit. Not all chambers are of the same difficulty therefore managing the elemental burst correctly ensures that players have access to burst to make their life easier on the higher difficulty challenge. For example, saving the burst for the fight against Maguu Kenki (12-2) is advised for defeating the Demon Puppet.

6. Team synergy

Every team consists of four characters and while building the team it is important to keep a role in mind for each of these characters. The team should essentially contain the main DPS, a healer, a support/sub DPS and the last slot can be either a support/damage amplifier or a battery for the energy-hungry characters. Batteries are essential for 80 energy cost characters who do not generate energy using their skills or generate very small amounts of energy orbs.

Another thing to keep in mind while picking your characters is elemental resonance, having two characters of the same elemental provides buffs that can be used to your advantage. Lastly, the synergy between the elements of the various characters is another thing to take care of, combining cryo with pyro will create melt reactions that will amplify the damage.

Elemental reaction chart

7. No teams fits all

Building a team based on the current buffs and the enemy lineup is essential. Giving up on your favorite character to make optimal use of the floor ley line disorder may seem difficult at first but the horses for courses approach is recommended to easily obtain all-stars. 

8. Build specific teams for certain chambers

Since stars obtained on each chamber are independent of each other, players can gather all-stars on the chamber they find easy and then come back and build a team that is just focused on clearing a specific chamber. This is something that will definitely save some headbanging moments on the harder chambers. A prime example of this is floor 11 chamber 3 second half, were not having a Hydro catalyst almost guarantees a sub-3-star finish. 

Floor wise tips

Floor 9

The ley line disorder is not something to be scared of, the damage taken when standing outside the plasma field is not very high and can be easily out healed or be avoided by using a shield.


  • The first chamber is straightforward and can be easily cleared. The general idea is to kill the shooters first as the slimes will follow you and will get clumped up thereby you have the opportunity to deal damage to all of them at once.
  • For the first half of chamber two, there are Fatui Skirmishers. These Fatui’s are notorious for having different elemental shields thereby requiring the players to have various elements in possession to defeat them. For the cryogunner you require a pyro applier while for the electrohammer and the hydrogunner a character with cryo is needed. The geochanter can be defeated using a character wielding a claymore. It is suggested to quickly get rid of the hydrogunner as he has the ability to heal the enemies.
  • For the second chamber second half, a crowd control character is highly recommended. Since, there are a lot of treasure hoarders. Without a crowd control character like venti or sucrose a lot of time will be wasted in approaching the enemies thereby reducing the chances of getting all 3 stars.
  • For the third chamber a pyro character is a must for the first half to go through frost arm lawachurl’s shield. 

Floor 10

Since the leader is healed by the attendants, focus on killing the attendants. The leader has a green colored ring beneath it so that the players can identify the leader.


  • For chamber 1 first half, eliminating the dendro samachurl should be of the highest priority as they hinder the player’s movement. After that hydro samachurl should be killed as he has the ability to heal his allies. For breaking the elecro abyss mage’s shield bring a cryo character.
  • Chamber 2 will bring the corresponding element characters to break the Fatui Skirmisher’s shield. For chamber 1 rush the cryo gunner first while in chamber 2 the first kill should be the Pyroslinger bracer first. 
  • In chamber 3 first half, players will need to bring the Pyro element to break the Abyss Lector’s shield. Xiangling and Bennet are great characters to do this work. If you are facing difficulty in doing so use 4 piece thundering fury on your Bennet to make clearing this half very easy. The second half has Abyss Herald whose shield is taken down using cryo, undoubtedly the best cryo applier in the game in Chongyun so use him and obtain 3 stars. After using Chongyun’s skill, deploy a character with a polearm or sword to quickly apply cryo. 

Floor 11

Pyro and Cryo characters have an insanely high value on this floor, owing to the sixty percent damage increase due to the Ley Line Disorder. Therefore use the leyline to your advantage by bringing Cryo and Pyro characters.


  • Chamber 1 and 2 are a breeze and have enemies from the previous floors. Just take the correct elements to break the shields of the abyss mages, Abyss lector and Lawachurl and it will ensure you clearing the two chambers.
  • For the first half, on all the floors based on the enemy distribution chart, having a Pyro DPS at is recommended. Having pyro on floor 11 chamber 1, will trigger electro charged as it is full of electro slimes. So a crowd control character to gather them and kill them quickly is suggested to make the run efficient.
  • For the second half on all the floors, cryo and hydro characters will be doing the bulk of the work. Chongyun will be the best character to defeat the Abyss Lector.
  • Chamber three has been the cause of trouble for a lot of players. The tips for beating the cryo hypostasis is to bring characters who can constantly apply pyro as all pyro attacks will trigger melt reaction dealing insane amount of damage. When the cryo hypostasis enters it the shield phase stay as close as possible, this will make him drop the cubes nearby thereby saving you some time.
  • For Pyro hypostasis, to bring down its shield a hydro catalyst is a must, without a catalyst user, it is almost impossible to 3 star this chamber. Since, Barbara is a free character everybody would have her, therefore she can be used. Before using Barbara, those players who don’t regularly use Barbara remember to give her at least the flower artifact to ensure that she stays alive. Keep using her normal and charged attack regularly to bring the shield quickly, another thing you can do is use her skill and stay close to the hypostasis to apply more hydro. The vulnerability window is small so bring hydro or cryo DPS who can deal damage in a short period of time.Remember to destroy the small pyro cubes using hydro attack to prevent hypostasis from regaining the shield.

Watch F2P Friendly 9-Star Guide for Spiral Abyss Floor 11-3 here.

Floor 12

Floor 12 can be easy or difficult depending upon the player’s ability to manage the energy tides. The easiest way to master this ley line is by using the burst during the low tide and using elemental skills to charge the bursts for all characters. During the high tide make sure not to use elemental skills with high cooldown as the cooldown will end during the low tide wasting precious time.

Another piece of advice is to keep changing teams for each chamber for better returns. 


  • For chamber 1, players need to remove the electro aura that is applied to the enemies every 15s as this will give enemies additional resistance to any kind of damage. To remove the electro status use pyro or cryo application. The armor is of 4 units therefore a total of 4 units of cryo or pyro needs to be used to remove the armor. Bennet, Kaeya, Xiangling and Chongyun are the best characters to remove the electro status.
  • For chamber 1, first half grouping the characters is the most important thing. All the enemies have very high HP and if they are not grouped clearing the chamber with 3 stars will be extremely hard. To group the Nobushi samurai aggro the samurai with purple clothes and run near the wall this will make all of them come to one location now you can burst down their health. For the Kairagi Samurai, when they spawn again run to a wall to clump them. Defeat both the Kairagi Samurai at the same time or within 3-4 seconds of each other otherwise the surviving samurai will regain 50 percent of its health.
  • For chamber 1, second half as soon as the round starts use your crowd control character to clump the two pyro fatui agents to efficiently kill them. For the Mirror maiden, keep knocking her back or interrupting her to avoid getting hit by her mark. Prioritize hitting the Mirror Maiden and let the Cicin Mage be caught in the collateral.
  • For chamber 2, Maguu Kenki causes difficulty. The idea is to clear the first half as fast as possible to give maximum time for chamber 2. Single target damage dealers like Beidou, Hu Tao and Xiangling are recommended along with a offield support to increase the damage. Someone who can augment the damage like Bennet is also suggested.
  • For chamber 3, a single target damage dealer for Ruin Hunter and Ruin Guard for first and second half respectively is recommended. To clump the ruin sentinels run to the right side in the first half and towards the left in the second half.

To select characters, one can visit this site. It shows the characters that players have obtained 36 stars to choose from along with the picked weapons. One can also sort the team on a floor-to-floor basis.

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