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Tower of Fantasy Guide: Which SSR Selector Box should you choose

Choose the best Simulacra through this guide to beat all the game content!

Tower of Fantasy (ToF) is a shared open-world MMORPG, developed by Level Infinite and Hotta Studio for multiple platforms including PC, Android, and iOS devices. Tower of Fantasy is an ambitious MMORPG that has tried to bring a unique experience for the players by implementing Anime stylized themes with Sci-fi elements which is usually not seen in this genre. SSR Selector in Tower of Fantasy is a one-time item that can be used to claim one among the listed Simulacra and associated weapons. For a beginner player, it may seem daunting to choose one of the best among the listed, and here is a brief guide that will help you to select the right one.

SSR Selector: Selection Criteria in Tower of Fantasy

The SSR Selector has all the following characters and weapons available that are associated with each other. Meta-wise, if the game follows the same path as the CN version of ToF, then most of these characters will get power crept by newer limited characters. However, the characters in the S rank in this list will stay relevant for the next 5-6 months after global release.

Character Weapon AssociatedResonanceElement
SamirDual EM StarsDpsVolt
TsubasaIcewind ArrowDpsIce
KingScythe of the CrowDpsFlame
Coco RitterAbsolute ZeroSupport Ice
MerylRosy EdgeDefenseIce
ShiroChakram of the SeasDpsPhysical
ZeroNegating CubeSupportFlame
HumaMolten Shield V2DefenseFlame

The selection in this tier list is based on power and the overall viability of the said character in the current meta and the future. But if you are not happy if the pick, you can always go for a reroll, and here’s an in-depth reroll guide for Tower of Fantasy to help you with that.

S Tier List


Samir is a DPS-focused Volt element character and her main weapon is dual pistols named Dual EM Stars. She is a very powerful character and among one of the Top 3 damage dealers currently in the game.

Tower of Fantasy SSR Selector
Image via Level Infinite

Her playstyle is fast, flashy, and smooth, which is the primary reason for many new players to consider her a top priority, not to mention her gorgeous design. The Dual EM Stars is a great weapon that is very good overall with fast attacks and damage but one drawback is the lower range of the weapon.


Tsubasa is a DPS-focused Ice Element character and her main weapon is the bow named Icewind Arrow. Unlike Samir, Tsubasa is a long-range focused DPS character and her entire kit revolves around dealing AOE damage.

Tower of Fantasy SSR Selector
Image via Level Infinite

She also has a damage buff boost that can stack on top of it, which is provided by her weapon. In this list, Tsubasa is easily one of the safest choices as her weapon on higher levels can provide a very strong boost that is relevant in a lot of situations.


King is a DPS-focused Flame Element character and his main weapon is the Scythe named Scythe of the Crow. He is also a great choice to fulfill the DPS role aside from high damage, his main weapon being a Shield Breaker, which is very necessary to break heavily shielded boss enemies.

Tower of Fantasy SSR Selector
Image via Level Infinite

He is also capable of high AOE damage and not to mention can inflict DOT when the enemy’s shield breaks. Overall another great choice for the first pick SSR character.

A Tier List


Meryl SSR
Image via Level Infinite

Meryl primarily works as the tank for the team and can even provide heals when required. Her weapon is of the Claymore type named Rosy Edge and can also be used as a shield breaker. Her kit allows her to form a shield that can protect her from enemies’ attacks but can occasionally feel clunky. She belongs to the element Ice and has a few tricks centered around it.

Final Thoughts

For a new Tower of Fantasy player, you must have characters to fulfill the three major roles that are DPS, Support, and a Shieldbreaker. If you already have an SSR before using the selector make sure to choose a different role character from the one you already have. Going for dupes for a powerful character can turn out to be worthwhile in the near future if planned correctly.

It is also recommended that you choose one among the characters from the S and A Tier, as these characters are going to stay relevant to the meta for quite a long time and have their niche usage once they are overshadowed by newer characters.

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