Mobile Legends looks to outcompete Wild Rift

The two MOBA powerhouses are at it yet again

When it comes down to mobile gaming, Multiplayer Online Battlefield Arena (MOBA) games are one of the most popular genres on the market. Titles like Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends, and League of Legends: Wild Rift are at the top of almost every MOBA ranking list there is and with good reason. These mobile games combine an extraordinary mix of fast-paced gameplay, unique and intriguing character backgrounds, a huge community fan base, and a competitive Esports scene. However, with Mobile Legends (MLBB) and Wild Rift (WR) leading the market, the former has been trying its best to maintain its position as the market leader and looks to clamp down Wild Rift’s popularity. This article will look at 2 ways that Mobile Legends is trying to outcompete Wild Rift.

Moonton’s strange survey on Wild Rift

Just a few days ago, Twitter user @pulsefire tweeted out a screenshot of the Mobile Legends in-game inbox detailing a message from developers about filling out a survey for players who have played Wild Rift as well. The message about the survey looks for gamers who have experienced playing both Mobile Legends and Wild Rift and are willing to attend an interview and clarifies that players who agree to an interview will be compensated well in diamonds.

This type of move from Moonton is quite unexpected, but not surprising. In the past, Moonton has always sent out surveys to players about new heroes, skins, user experience, and possible collaborations, but has never been extremely direct about the intent behind the surveys. Recently, Wild Rift is beginning to gain traction after opening its servers to the public in Indonesia, the Phillippines, the United States, and other countries. Moonton likely sees this as a potential threat, and has of late been quite generous to players, through hosting events with free heroes or skins as rewards, and also hosting more events that allow players to receive a large sum of Diamonds, in the hope of retaining existing players to stay in the Mobile Legends fanbase. Personally, we feel that the events Mobile Legends has been putting out are effective in both retaining veteran players and attracting new players as well.

Mimicking Wild Rift’s music band K/DA

From surveys, Moonton is also trying to outcompete Riot by creating their own version of a music band, called S.T.U.N. This is very similar to LoL and WR’s music band, called K/DA. Seeing how K/DA’s music is such a hit with the gaming community and even on pop charts, Mobile Legends wants to create one of their own so as to not lose ground in the competition. The music group will include 3 members, which are Selena, Brody, and Chou.

All 3 heroes will have their own featured S.T.U.N skins releasing parallel to the 515 event that occurs annually for ML. The theme for this year’s 515 events is evidently going to be pop music and will be backed by the S.T.U.N event as well. In a way, Moonton will be trying to attract more players to the game by creating catchy music based on Mobile Legends.

Final thoughts

With all things considered, Mobile Legends and Wild Rift belong to the same genre of mobile games but are completely different from one another. Admittedly, many similarities can be drawn in comparison between the two games, from the mechanics, to the heroes, and to their marketing strategies as well. But all in all, each game is respectable in its own rights and has created a massive mobile MOBA community in which all of us are a part of.

What are your thoughts on the competition between the MOBA games? Do you think Mobile Legends will eventually outrank and outcompete Wild Rift? Let us know in the comment section below!

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