What If Robert Lewandowski was in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) during his record-breaking season

Imagine the Goat playing in the Goat league

Robert Lewandowski is surely one of the greatest goal machines of this generation. The Polish international is much more than just goals, the way he thrashes almost every prevailing goal-scoring record in the Bundesliga is beyond imaginable. To put that into context, Lewandowski broke another record in the 2020/21 season, which was thought to be unbreakable a few years back, scoring the most number of goals by a player in a single Bundesliga season.

Gerd Muller scored 40 goals and listed his name on the record books in the season 1971-72 for the same club Lewandowski plays, Bayern Munich FC. Robert went on to better the record by a single goal and eventually ending the 40-year-old runoff this outstanding record in the 90th minute of the match against Augsburg.

It apparently seems that Robert Lewandowski has been breaking records for fun, and FPL managers need no superficial imaginative powers to imagine what would have happened if he came to the English premier league and be listed in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL). Talking specifically of the sensational dream season during 2020/21, Lewandowski would have torn FPL apart and become the highest-scoring player on the site/app in history, and by a long way too. This editorial looks at what Lewandowski’s 2020/21 season would have looked like on (Fantasy) FPL terms. Would he make it into your team?

The Record-Breaking season for Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski and the Fantasy Premier League- A duo that can rule the fantasy sports universe, and Robert (often called) LewanGOALski in his sensational form of 2020/21 season might have had the potential to break fantasy sports records for fun! The Polish international is towards the latter half of his footballing career and is unlikely to pursue a move into the English Premier League. In major probabilities, the fantasy about “Lewandowski listed in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL)” will remain as one of the dreams that could only be dreamed of, but it does not take much imagination to imagine the scenario if it ever happened!

Robert Lewandowski Fantasy FPL
What if Lewandowski was in Fantasy FPL: Robert Lewandowski with FIFA The Best Award

Not just this, there were a number of records broken by Lewandowski and his mates at Bayern Munich in the season 2020/21. A record-breaking season, in the literal sense, can be listed as follows:

  • Bayern Munich set the record of hitting the goal 99 times this season, the third-highest ever in Bundesliga history. The prior two spots in this conversation are also occupied by Bayern Munich (71/72 – 101 and 19/20- 100).
  • Bayern Munich, with a formidable attack led by Lewandowski, registered the biggest victory on a Bundesliga opening day, 8-0 against Schalke. This is the biggest margin victory registered on the opening day of Bundesliga.
  • Lewandowski scored a total of 5 Bundesliga hat-tricks this season, scoring a total of 13 Bundesliga hat-tricks with his goal fury in season 20-21.
  • Robert Lewandowski added another feather in the cap by becoming the first player in Bundesliga history to score in 8 successive away games.
  • Robert Lewandowski became the top goal scorer for Bayern for the fourth consecutive season, snatching away another record from Gerd Muller- who was the top scorer for three consecutive seasons.
  • Lewandowski with his sublime and lethal run of form went at par with ‘Der Bomber’ by becoming the second player ever to score 200+ goals for a single club in the German domestic league.
  • Last but not least to put the cherry on the cake, Bayern Munich ended the season with the title and made yet another record by scoring at least one away goal in every match away from home for the 34th consecutive time. This was perhaps the ninth straight league win for the reds from Munich!!

Lewandowski’s performance in the Bundesliga Fantasy League

As expected from the record-breaking season, Robert Lewandowski easily made his way into the Bundesliga fantasy league Team of the Season (TOTY) in 2020-21 scoring and eye-watering 457 points in Bundesliga Fantasy. Not just scoring 41 goals Lewandowski also assisted 7 times in the league, taking a league-leading statistic of 134 shots in the entire season.

Bundesliga Team of the Season Lewa FPL
Image via Bundesliga

32 year old Polish international finished the season with the highest number of Bundesliga fantasy points finishing MI above his nearest rival with more than 80 points to spare. The average every week was almost equal to what the highest scorers in the German fantasy league game weeks scored- 16 points per game. The record-breaking season was well and truly justified as he failed to score in just 4 matches out of the 29 games he played, something that many budding goal poachers can dream of.

Every aforementioned statistic turned out to be a new record in the history of the German league. Safe to say Robert Lewandowski was the most popular player in the Bundesliga fantasy league in 2020-21 and ended the season with the final price of 26.5 million.

Expected Price and Position of Lewandowski was in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL)

Lewandowski’s heatmap at Bayern Munich (during the 2020/21 season) is like a perfect number 9 and quite similar to Harry Kane at Spurs. Therefore, Lewandowski would have been classed as a Forward in Fantasy Premier League (FPL).

Lethal goal scorers from the past including legends like Robin van Persie, Thierry Henry, and Cristiano Ronaldo were all in their 14s at some stage in their fantasy premier league prices. On the Bundesliga fantasy, Lewandowski ended the season with a final price of 26.5 million.

Lewandowski 41 goals FPL
What If Lewandowski was in Fantasy FPL: Robert Lewandowski celebrating his 41st Goal

It won’t be surprising to assume, a forward like Lewandowski would surely start the season near around 12.5 million and with 41 goals to his name would hit almost 15 million or more price tag at the end of the season. (Forwards anyways being priced high at the start of the season, as per recent trends seen, like Harry Kane, Romelu Lukaku, Jamie Vardy, and so on)

Fantasy Points Breakdown: Lewandowski in FPL (2020/21)

Here is an elaborate summary of what the points of Fantasy Premier League would have looked for Robert Lewandowski in case he was present in Fantasy Premier League (FPL). The table contains every game week details from 1 to 34, playing two legs against 17 of the opponents in Bundesliga. The table includes the names of the opponents with the results, Bayern losing just 4/34 (in red).

GameweekOpponentResultsPointsGoalsAssistsYellow CardMinutesBonus Points
GW1        FC Schalke 048-014120902
GW2   TSG Hoffenheim4-11000330
GW3       Hertha BSC4-320401903
GW4      Arm. Bielefeld1-416210863
GW5     Eintracht Frankfurt5-017300683
GW6       1. FC Köln1-20
GW7    Bor. Dortmund2-38111900
GW8   Werder Bremen1-12000900
GW9        VfB Stuttgart1-38100902
GW10RB Leipzig3-32000900
GW11  Union Berlin1-18100902
GW12  VfL Wolfsburg2-113200903
GW13 Bayer Leverkusen1-213200903
GW14   1. FSV Mainz 055-216210903
GW15Bor. M’gladbach3-26100900
GW16  SC Freiburg2-18100902
GW17FC Augsburg0-19100673
GW18FC Schalke 040-47100801
GW19  TSG Hoffenheim4-112110903
GW20    Hertha BSC0-12000900
GW21Arm. Bielefeld3-37100901
GW22    Eintracht Frankfurt2-16100900
GW23 1. FC Köln5-112200902
GW24 Bor. Dortmund4-216301903
GW25Werder Bremen1-37100791
GW26  VfB Stuttgart4-017300703
GW27  RB Leipzig0-1000000
GW28 Union Berlin1-1000000
GW29   VfL Wolfsburg2-3000000
GW30 Bayer Leverkusen2-0000000
GW31   1. FSV Mainz 052-15101900
GW32Bor. M’gladbach6-020310903
GW33SC Freiburg2-27100901
GW34FC Augsburg5-26100900

The above table shows a breakdown of Lewandowski’s insane season, and what it would have looked like in FPL terms. He would have tallied a total of 285 FPL points from the 41 goals, 7 assists, and the further 47 bonus points. In comparison to the current all-time leading points scorer among forwards in FPL history (Luis Suarez with 295 points), that total is nothing short of insane.

The chart also contains the goals scored and assists given in each match by the Polish striker. With every goal scored, a striker gets awarded with 4 points and with every assist 3 points, according to the official FPL game. Official FPL also gives out a negative of 1 in case of a yellow card issued to a player, and hands out a maximum of 3 Bonus points, which were all incorporated in the table alongside the points awarded for a number of minutes played; 1 for less than 60 mins, and 2 otherwise.

Individual highlights of the season from FPL point of View

Robert Lewandowski’s season in terms of attacking output was beyond extraordinary in the 2020/21 season. He scored a total of 41 goals which obviously broke the record but also managed to register 32.12 xG out of a total of 137 shots, 65 of which were on target.

Looking at this from the fantasy league viewpoint, it is safe to say he would have picked up the full 3 bonus points on the FPL point system in the majority of the games he played that season (provided, 3 points are awarded for every 7 plus rated games, by the normalized scoring system of the bonus points. The prolific goal scorer would have ultimately accumulated a mountainous points tally of 238 FPL points without Bonus points calculating 4 points per goal and 3 points per assist.

Missed Points

Despite grabbing all 3 bonus points close to every week, there is a valid argument for if there should have been more. The actual Bonus Points System works quite differently, and since the table above showcases BPS values based on inspection, there could very well be more bonus points available for Lewandowski, since his underlying stats were still insane even in the games that he recorded no goals or assists.

Furthermore, the above stats don’t actually count the full number of FPL assists either. Things like assisted own goals, free-kicks/penalties that were won and scored, blocked shots that were scored on the rebound, etc, aren’t included in proper stats but are in FPL. As a result, there could actually be more points available than shown in the table.

Impacts of Lewandowski on FPL in 2020/21 Fantasy Premier League

There we have it, that is what a prime Robert Lewandowski would look like if he was an FPL asset. Whatever the opinions may be of the Polish, it’s difficult to overlook the numbers he put up in the 2020/21 season.

However, as crazy as those points sound, it’s good to take a look at the bigger picture, as there’s always a trap of some sort hidden in FPL. With how high his points tallies were on a regular basis, it would be impossible trying to find an argument against having him on the team. As a result, the majority of the managers owning him would mean that one without Lewandowski in their FPL team is automatically out of the game. This, combined with the expectedly high price leads to an awkward situation, in which there are basically just 14 players left in the squad, and a cut budget to use as well.

Would this mean that other premium players would be generally avoided, in order to spread funds equally everywhere, leading to higher ownership of less impactful players? Would that mean the main source of points for the majority of teams is just Robert Lewandowski, and a couple of cheap high-scorers? If every team had the same common sources of points, how would competition in FPL change?

These are just some talking points, but the answer will of course, never be known, unless another similar player comes along and plays that kind of football in the Premier League. All that is known, is that 2020/21 saw a monster of a player dominate for an entire season.

So, what are your thoughts if Lewandowski was in FPL (Fantasy)? Do let us know by commenting below.

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