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Why Monster Hunter Rise would make a good mobile port

Reasons why Capcom should make a move here!

With the launch of Monster Hunter Rise on PC and Console, gamers have been wondering, is it possible for Monster Hunter to launch on Android and iOS? This article will investigate the reasons behind Monster Hunter Rise as a mobile port and whether Capcom has even should try this.

Monster Hunter is Capcom’s one of the most successful franchises. Launching back on September 21st of 2004, it can be played on the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii. The game has managed to make a release essentially every year, since its inception. The game is loved by many for the gameplay but the portability that it managed from being on the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and then 3D’s for most of its lifetime. With the newest release going back to a portable platform, many gamers are wondering if they can have Monster Hunter Rise on their mobile phones.

Capcom’s first Monster Hunter Mobile

This will not be Capcom’s first foray into the mobile gaming space. Monster Hunter Explore was launched back in 2015 for Android and iOS in Japan. The game was first attempted to soft-launch in Canada in 2016. After a few months, it had to shut down, owing to poor reception.

Monster Hunter Rise mobile

The game was more akin to the regular monster hunter games where you hunt monsters on a field. Additionally, we can use their parts to craft fantastical new gears and armours. The main differences between this game and the traditional Monster Hunter would be that the player must unlock missions. You need to advance across the map much like other mobile games. Possibly the more mobile game format turned off more veteran MH players.

Dragon Project: Feasibility of Monster Hunter in mobile devices

One game that filled that monster hunter itch on mobile was a little gem called Dragon Project. It has launched back in 2017. The game followed a remarkably similar format to Monster Hunter, where players travelled across maps and farmed monsters for new gear. Dragon Project lasted 3 years until having to shut down its global servers on September 30, 2020.

Monster Hunter Rise mobile

The game showed at the very least the feasibility of the Monster Hunter gameplay on a mobile device. It has also shown possible payment models that Capcom could follow. The game was not popular in the west, but that could be remedied, by using the popular Monster Hunter IP as a marketing point. The reason for failure in the West was how stingy the summoning rates were. Here in the west, we usually don’t like spending too much money unless it’s for a Waifu.

Final Thoughts

Well, with all that said what hope is there even for a Monster Hunter Mobile game for iOS and Android? Well, Capcom has really been trying their best on consoles to make a new Resident Evil multiplayer game. Even as each time they failed, they made sure to try again. Capcom clearly wants to get into the online recurring spending market. Many companies such as Tencent, EA, King, and miHoyo have managed to do with loot boxes.

Capcom has most recently released Rockman (Megaman) X Dive in Asia. The game has been doing well. It is also set to launch the Devil May Cry Mobile in China on June 11, 2021. In their financial report for the quarter ending December 31st, 2020, Capcom noted that mobile game revenue was up 80.7%, thanks to Rockman Dive’s launch. Capcom would want to continue raising its profits with other mobile franchises. We believe that Monster Hunter in some form would make a great move to mobile, maybe not just as a straight port of Rise, but for sure in some form.

Do you think Capcom should make a move towards Monster Hunter Rise as a mobile port? Let us know in the comments section below!

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