Wild Rift’s K/DA vs Mobile Legend’s STUN: An in-depth analysis

Whose side are you on!

League of Legends: Wild Rift vs Mobile Legends Bang Bang, a rivalry that stemmed from the PC version of Wild Rift. A rivalry that intensified further as Riot Games ported its game to mobile and directly compete with MLBB. So far, the competitiveness between Moontoon and Riot Games continues to rise, which is good news for gamers. It will ensure both developers produce their best to keep up with each other’s releases. Updates left and right is being released as both companies work to surpass each other with each new content, ultimately helping create a better game and experience for the players. Here in this article we will make a detailed analysis on the rivalry between K/DA vs STUN and how it is shaping up the competitive MOBA genre.



STUN is a new skin line from MLBB, released recently as part of Moontoon’s global virtual campaign, 515 E-party. Three heroes are part of the skin line released: Selena, Brody, and Chou. The release is also accompanied by a release of a music video featuring STUN as their performers. On the other hand, K/DA is an all-girl group skin line originating in League of Legends with the K/DA all-out variant released to Wild Rift, in the KD/A all-out Wild Rift event. Four champions were part of the original K/DA: Evelynn, Akali, Ahri, and Kai’sa. Seraphine was added to the KD/A lineup in part of the KD/A all-out comeback.

1. The Music

STUN released a music video on May 8, 2021, gathering a whopping 15 million views in just a week. The performers for this music video are Chou, Selena, and Brody. The song of STUN is rapped by both Brody and Chou while Selena being the main vocalist of the squad sang the vocal parts.

STUN music band from Mobile Legends

K/DA has released 6 songs in total since 2018, with their first song debut gathering over 440 million views. Three of the six songs released by K/DA held the top 1 spot in Billboard for top world digital song sales. The main girl group consists of Kai’sa as the main dancer, Akali as the main rapper, Evelynn as the main vocalist, and Ahri as the group’s leader.


KDA Music Band K/DA vs STUN
K/DA music band from Wild Rift

K/DA all-out, although MLBB’s STUN is not a flop by any means and may have the potential to top K/DA. However, the overall achievements of K/DA are too high. It might take years before STUN becomes a proper competition for K/DA.

2. In-game Skins

STUN has three released skins for Selena, Brody, and Chou. Each costs about 899 diamonds (USD 20). There is an event at release where these 3 skins are discounted, a bundle with the hero would be 1,048 diamonds (USD 20), and if you already own the hero, the skin would then be 629 diamonds (USD 13). All three skins have special effects for their normal attacks and skills. STUN skins also have unique voice lines and will have different interactions with other heroes. Overall STUN skins are considered top of the line for MLBB skins

STUN (left) vs K/DA (right) detailed in-game skin comparisons

K/DA all-out has five released skins for Ahri, Akali, Kai’sa, Evelynn, and Seraphine. Each costs about 990 wild cores (USD 8), except for Serpahine’s which costs about 1,325 wild cores (USD 10). All five skins have special effects for their normal attacks and skills. K/DA all-out skins have unique voice lines and will have different interactions with different champions. Additionally, K/DA all-out skins also have unique recall animations for each skin. Overall K/DA all-out skins are one of the best skin lines Riot Games released for Wild Rift.


K/DA all-out, This has been more of a competition than the first comparison. MLBB’s STUN skin line boasts very detailed and flashy animations in their skills and attacks, which looks very smooth for a mobile game. However, I find the STUN’s voice lines linear and sound like generic “cool lines”. K/DA all-out gains edge over STUN in various areas. While K/DA all-out also have cool skills and normal attack animations, K/DA all-out skins also have unique recall animations. K/DA all-out’s voice lines also feel more natural and conversational, unlike the “cool” one-liners of their competitor.

Both are unique in their own way

In summary, both K/DA all-out and STUN are excellent skin lines in their respective games. However, K/DA stands out more than STUN due to a couple of reasons. K/DA’s music career stands out much more as it has been very successful since 2018 and multiple awards granted. K/DA also has unique recall animation and better voice lines. Lastly, the value for money for K/DA skins is much better, ranging from $8-10 you’ll be getting higher quality skins, compared to the $20 STUN skins from MLBB.

With all things considered, Mobile Legends and Wild Rift belong to the same genre of mobile games but are completely different from one another. Admittedly, many similarities can be drawn in comparison between the two games, from the mechanics, to the heroes, and to their marketing strategies as well. But all in all, each game is respectable in its own rights and has created a massive mobile MOBA community in which all of us are a part of.

What are your thoughts on the recent competition between K/DA vs STUN ? Do you think Mobile Legends will eventually outrank and outcompete Wild Rift? Let us know in the comment section below!

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