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Alpha7 Esports crowned the champions of PMPL Americas Championship 2023 Spring

Alpha7 Esports asserts dominance as the champions of America!

The PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Americas Championship 2023 Spring concluded earlier today and yielded Alpha7 Esports from Brazil as the champions of this multi-national tournament. In the Americas Championship, the best PUBG Mobile teams across North America and South America on the basis of their PMPL Spring standings competed in order to determine the best of them all. And Alpha7 did that job quite well, one could say.

PMPL Americas 2023 Spring: Alpha7 Esports and its journey

Although Alpha7 came into the tournament while being considered the favourites to win it, they stumbled at the beginning of the tournament, and the first half of it, but pulled off a commendable recovery in the last two days, in order to clinch the title. In a tournament where only the best from the domestic regions of the said continents are competing, the competition is undoubtedly high and there’s a bigger room for error and disappointment.

PUBG Mobile PMPL Americas Alpha7 Esports champions points table
Image via PUBG Mobile Esports

In the early stages of the tournament, it looked as if iNCO Gaming was going to run away with the title with Intense Game in tow. But the tables soon turned and iNCO despite being one of the better teams in the tournament, lost their momentum and struggled to even finish in the top 10 in the remainder of the matches. The previously mentioned favourites and the cream of the American PUBG Mobile ecosystem, Alpha7 capitalized on this and made their way to the top of the table without much resistance.

The only team that somewhat offered some competition to Alpha7 was N Hyper Esports from the USA but even they fell short. Other disappointments include that of Jaguar, who came in after winning the PMPL, and also that of YKG and The Chosen. But again, this just showed the level of competition present in the PMPL Americas Championship.

Prize pool

PMPL Americas MVP
Image via PUBG Mobile Esports

Besides the money earned depending on the final position of the teams, the MVP of the tournament Adrian27 from Intense Game also bagged $1000 for his exceptional show of skill that was crucial to his team in finishing the top 3. The winners Alpha7 earned $25,000 while runners-up and third-placed NHP and Intense Game respectively took home $19,000 and $15,000.


Being the champions of the PMPL Americas Championship, Alpha7 Esports has earned a spot in the PMWI 2023, which will be hosted by Tencent later in the summer. They have also once again proved that they are a team that knows to keep the pressure on, and this year might just be the year when they win a major international title and add it to their decorated cabinet of PUBG Mobile accolades.

Did you watch the PMPL Americas Championship? Did your favourite team meet your expectations? Let us know in the comments below!

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