EVOS TH crowned as the Wild Rift: SEA Icon Series Summer Super Cup 2021 Champions

The inaugural champions!

History has been made and the last hope of Thailand, EVOS TH has defied all odds and emerged victorious, surviving an incredible best-of-five series against ONE Team Esports from Taiwan in a 3-2 score to claim the title of the very first League of Legends Wild Rift: SEA Icon Series – Summer Super Cup 2021 Champions. The team displayed finesse and exceptional talent to only lose a total of 3 games on their playoffs run, and 1 game on the group stages. The roster consists of G4 – Midlaner, Valdus- Jungler, Thipper- Baron Laner, Miracle – Support, and Catsatan – ADC.

For being the Wild Rift: SEA Icon Series Summer Super Cup 2021 Champions, EVOS TH took home a whopping total of $25,000, while other teams like ONE Team, CERBERUS Esports, and SBTC Esports won $19,000, $14,500 and $11,500 respectively for finishing up to 4th place. Other teams received consolation prizes as well despite failing to reach the semi-finals. Let’s take a closer look at how EVOS TH made their run possible.

Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Summer Super Cup 2021 Finals: As it happened

As mentioned before, the series happened to be one of the most competitive series ever in the history of Wild Rift esports to end a 3-2 score. Both the teams showcased their top-notch and a fantastic display of skill and wits, to put up the most exciting and nail-biting games ever. Deservedly, EVOS TH did end up being the Wild Rift Summer Super Cup 2021 Champions. To explain it further, their games featured a constant exchange of back-and-forths making the series really worth the watch.

We do not want to spoil anything on how the games happened since watching them will really give you a big insight into the possibilities of Wild Rift esports. But to give away some pointers, the series will feature the most big-brain plays that you can imagine from the most sneaky baron takes, creative rotations, well-crafted drafts and high-calibre team fights.

Final Standings

RankingTeam NamePrize Money (in USD)
 1st place EVOS Esports TH$25,000
 2nd place ONE Team$19,000
 3rd place CERBERUS Esports$14,500
 4th place SBTC Esports$11,500
5-8th placeAlliance  
Amihan Esports  
Team Secret  
Flash Wolves
9-12th placeOnic Esports  
Bigetron Infinity  
Buriram United Esports
13-16th place QWQ  
Geek Fam  
Berjaya Dragons

EVOS TH’s Key to become Wild Rift Summer Super Cup 2021 Champions: Catsatan

We cannot ignore how Catsatan paved his team’s way into the championship. After the tournament, he showed the whole of Southeast Asia or the world even, how to play the ADC role perfectly. He has the brains to play the game in the most efficient way possible, to stay away from unnecessary deaths and generate the most resources in the safest and fastest way possible. Moreover, despite having the brains to analyze the game and position perfectly, he also has the guts to make game-winning plays diving onto the enemy backline no matter what champion he’s using.

super cup mvp
MVP of the team: Catsatan

We have witnessed a great display of talent from this man, and we are yet to see more especially on the upcoming first Wild Rift Worlds tournament to represent EVOS and of course, Thailand. and helping them to be the Wild Rift Summer Super Cup 2021 Champions

Final Thoughts

Let us appreciate all the teams that participated and represented their country on the very first Wild Rift SEA Summer Super Cup. History has been made and the games we witnessed will forever be etched on the books. There will be more tournaments in the future, and we will see more teams and players show off their talents similar to how EVOS TH showed theirs. Who knows, maybe the one reading this will be one of the next Wild Rift SEA Summer Super Cup 2021 Champions. That’s all, we hope you enjoyed it!

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