Lovebrush Chronicles Illustra Tier List for April 2024

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Lovebrush Chronicles is a romantic simulation game brought by NetEase Games. Players engage in battles using a team of Illustras, which are special character illustrations with unique abilities and strengths. To help you make the most out of your experience, our Lovebrush Chronicles Illustra Tier List is here to guide you to the best Illustras in the game.

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Lovebrush Chronicles Tier List for April 2024: Best Illustras Ranked

To make things simpler, I’ve categorized the Illustras into three tiers: Strong (S)Good (A), and Average (B). This way, you can quickly understand their abilities and build a solid team. Remember that these rankings are based on my own experiences, so adjust your choices as you see fit.

Strong (S)Ebon Rook,
Captive of the Past,
Quiet Night,
Castle in the Sky
Lion the Big CatWaiting CatChess Player,
Stars and Rainbow
Good (A)Afternoon Nap,
Flower of Chains,
Shattered Stars
Lord of the North,
High Society,
Atop Ruins
Cage of Guilt,
Flying Butterflies
Flower of Tomorrow
Average (B)Night Neon,
Courtyard Reunion,
Tomorrow’s Glory,
Unsheated Blade,
Lone Wolf in Snow,
White Knight,
The Tower’s Legacy,
Cage of Thorns,
Banquet Encounter,

Waiting for Spring,
Breathe of Nature,
Polo Lad,
Dojang Training,
River of Memories,
The Master of Law,
Water Lantern
Under the Wisteria,
Serene Recital,
Elegant Squire

Best Illustras in Lovebrush Chronicles for April 2024

Best Ayn Illustra – Ebon Rook

Lovebrush Chronicles Ayn - Ebon Rook
Image via NetEase

From my experience, Ayn Ebon Rook is a great Illustra for boosting team survivability, particularly in auto mode due to its secondary C group attack. Its damage isn’t very high, but the frequent stuns and synergy between skill 1 and stunt growth make it handy. The high critical hit bonus helps improve performance in essential situations of a hit. It does well against high-level enemies and is a solid choice for tough enemies.

Best Alkaid Illustra – Quiet Night

Lovebrush Chronicles Alkaid - Quiet Night
Image via NetEase

From what I’ve seen, Alkaid Quiet Night is a solid support with strong dispelling abilities, making it great for handling effects like poison and attribute decay. Its self-defense and health regeneration are decent, but it works best in auto mode and is a good choice when you need support against certain threats.

Best Lars Illustra – Lion the Big Cat

Lovebrush Chronicles Lars - Lion the Big Cat
Image via NetEase

In my experience, Lars Lion the Big Cat is one of the best Illustra choices for high burst damage in single-target fights. Its damage is much higher than other cards, making it great for quickly taking down tough enemies. Even though it’s fragile because of low defense, its high burst output can make a big difference if your team supports it.

Best Clarence Illustra – Waiting Cat

Lovebrush Chronicles Clarence - Waiting Cat
Image via NetEase

From what I’ve seen, Clarence Waiting Cat is great for boosting team damage and delivering strong personal damage. It helps lower enemy defense, which boosts overall team output. Skill 1’s hit effect works well with other Illustra that can freeze or rebirth, making it versatile.

Best Cael Illustra – Chess Player

Lovebrush Chronicles Cael - Chess Player
Image via NetEase

In my experience, Cael Chess Player is a top Illustra because it balances good damage output with strong survival support. While its single-target damage is moderate, it excels at helping the team stay alive. Skill 1 can freeze entire enemy groups, and its ultimate move effectively controls tough enemies by delaying their activation for at least two turns.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the tier list is a helpful guide to picking the best Illustras for your team in Lovebrush Chronicles. Choosing top-tier characters can boost your battle performance and help you progress more smoothly. But remember, your play style and preferences matter too. Use the list as a starting point, but don’t be afraid to try different combinations and find what works best for you.

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