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Gunz Esports wins PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Season 1 Arabia Finals

League Champions take the trophy again!

The first major ESports tournament in the Arab region, the PUBG Mobile Pro League PMPL 2021 Season 1 Arabia Finals has come to an end with Gunz Esports from Morocco being crowned as champions. The victorious team has won hefty prize money of $10,000. Rico Infinity Team, who have finished the tournament in 2nd place has bagged $6,500. Sudor Esports, the underdog team for the tournament has become third to secure prize money of $5,000.

With a total of 245 points in the table, Gunz Esports from Morocco has continued to reign in the Middle East regional plays. On the way to the championship, GUNZ Esports has easily outranked the other teams which they have faced. Finishing with a lead of 74 points to the runner-up team has proved their domination. Before the finals, 20 teams took part in the three weeks of league play. The top 16 teams from the league stage qualified for the Finals.

Prize Pool

PMPL Arabia offers an excellent amount of prize money for participating teams. An amount of $55,000 will be divided among the 16 teams who had qualified for the Finals. The champions will take home the amount of $10,000 whereas and the runners-up of the tournament will take home $6,500. The third and fourth-placed teams are entitled to prize money of $5,000 and $4,000 respectively. Teams placed from 5th to 16th will get $250 less than the previously-placed team and finally, the 16th team will take $1000. The Most Valued Player (MVP) of the tournament will be awarded an amount of $1000.

PUBG Mobile Pro League 2021 Season 1 Arabia Finals: As it happened

Though it was the very first tournament in this region, all the teams have shown exciting performances and took well-engaged fights that pleased the audience’s eyes. The coordinated pushes and mature decisions from the IGLs ( In-game leaders), and clutches from players has just raised the charm of this tournament higher than we had anticipated.

Champions PMPL Season 1 Arabia
PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Season 1 Arabia Finals: Standings

The initial day of the tournament was filled with non-stop actions and fragging moments. None of the teams could get over one chicken dinner. Yet, Rico Infinity was placed on top of the point table with 91 points. They got 41 kills on the first day, the most among the teams. Following them, NASR Esports held second place and Hotline Esports came out as third.

As the tourney progressed to Day 2, the intense action continued. Rico Infinity continued their stay on top with 153 points and NASR Esports continue on their second position. GUNZ Esports, the champion team from the league play, rose up to third place to round of the top three.

On the ultimate day, GXRxMaxKasH had clutched an outstanding 1v3 against GUNZ Esports which secured the first chicken dinner to Team Galaxy Racer, the fan-favourite team from India. Although showing total domination, GUNZ Esports took three chicken dinners on the final day and placed themselves on the top of the pile. Galaxy Racer secured 8th position for them.

Top 5 Players

Champions PMPL Season 1 Arabia
PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Season 1 Arabia Finals: Top 5 Players

Champions of PMPL Season 1 Arabia has dominated on the list of top 5 players as well. Of the top 5 players, Raouf, Lord and Hamody have claimed the 1st, 2nd and 5th position respectively.

Final thoughts

Arabia is a newly-added region in the PUBGM Esports scenario. This is a great chance for the top teams in the Middle East to get a chance to take part in the global leagues. Being the champion, Gunz Esports has just thrown a challenge to the global teams with their domination in the PMPL Arabia Finals. Other than that, Zombies Esports was caught using hacks in the regular season, which has put the authorities of the league in an uncomfortable situation. Despite that, we could see another tournament filled with intensity. Competition has just got big with new powers coming into the global leagues.

What are your opinions on Gunz Esports becoming the champions of the PMPL Season 1 Arabia Finals? Which team did you support? Let us know in the comment section below!

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