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Identity V: Southeast Asia Identity V Championship (SEA IVC)2022 finals begin on September 10

Gathering for Offline Finals after Two Years!

The third Identity V Southeast Asia IVC 2022 by NetEase Games celebrated its grand opening. The winner will be guaranteed a spot in the Identity V’s Call of the Abyss VI Global Finals as the highest level of competition for amateur clubs in Southeast Asia territories. Bangkok, Thailand will host the SEA IVC 2022 Offline Finals from September 10 through September 11, 2022. The four clubs who have persevered through competition levels will meet at Bangkok’s Samyan Mithrown to compete for the title of champion.

Southeast Asia Identity V Championship (SEA IVC) 2022 Finals: Format

The Preliminary Stage, Wild Card Stage, Group Stage, and Elimination Stage are the four stages of the Southeast Asia IVC 2022. Participating clubs are divided into 8 groups for the single-elimination format of the preliminary stage. Each group’s winner advances to the Group Stage, while the runner-up moves on to the Wild Card Stage.

SEA IVC 2022 finals format
Image via NetEase

Twelve clubs compete in the Group Stage, comprising four clubs from the Wild Card Stage and eight clubs from the Preliminary Stage. The 12 clubs are split into 4 groups of three clubs each for this phase. The top two clubs from each group that have the most points proceed to the Elimination Stage. The eight clubs that made it thus far compete in a BO3 format with double elimination.

The four victorious clubs, BL, Zt, Nr, and GH, will compete in the third-round tournament for the Winners Group Final and Losers Groups Final in Bangkok, Thailand, following the first two rounds of matches in the Winners Group and the Losers Group. The two winning clubs will compete for the title of champion on the biggest stage of the Southeast Asia IVC Finals.

Best players will compete in the SEA IVC 2022 finals

Numerous competitive players have voluntarily formed teams to compete in this year’s Southeast Asia IVC. There are well-known clubs that have competed in the Southeast Asia Division before, such as MP, BL, and GH, as well as freshly established yet potent clubs, like SG, WP, and Zt. They have all given us outstanding performances, one game after another.

The Zt squad easily moved to the Winners Group during the Elimination Stage by dominating the game from the get-go. The Hunter was controlled by Survivor BL miniblue, whose team also made it to the Winners Group, using several window and pallet interactions to buy his squad enough time to decipher the cyphers.

While Breaking Wheel was extremely skilled at throwing nail boards, which locked the Survivors’ blockings, Hunter Nr Glast played a 4-elimination and won the match for his club. By employing the tactic of containing the Hunter with one Survivor, Club GH, a stalwart team from Southeast Asia, moved on to the next round.

SEA IVC 2022 finals action
Image via NetEase

A number of highlights from this fiercely competitive arena were shown, giving us a fantastic game-watching experience. The four qualified clubs, BL, Zt, Nr, and GH, are about to congregate at the offline location in Bangkok as the Offline Finals draw near. Keep an eye on the results to find out which club will win the SEA IVC 2022 finals and receive free entry to the COA VI Global Finals.

Southeast Asia IVC is gathering for offline finals after two years

The SEA IVC 2022 Finals will take place in Samyan Mothrown, a mall in the Chulalongkorn University business district of Bangkok. High-end apartment towers, office buildings, and business centers make up this multipurpose complex. The four top clubs from the Southeast Asia IVC will show up at the feast at the appointed time and compete at the highest level possible on the Finals stage in Bangkok.

After a two-year hiatus, this is the Southeast Asia IVC’s first offline Final. In addition to on-site IVC game viewing, professional player meet-and-greet activities will also be arranged to give the audience the chance to get up close and personal with the players of their favorite clubs and jointly create amazing memories that belong to the Southeast Asia Division.

Professional cosers will be waiting for fans at the venue alongside the competition. Come and take in the vivid Identity V game scene. Famous players and commentators will also be invited to the event in order to bridge the gap between amateur and professional competitions and to experience action-packed battles together.

Additionally, there will be gift-giving activities at the location. A lovely memento will be handed to those who supported the event on social media, which will undoubtedly improve the offline game-watching experience.

Are you excited for the Southeast Asia Identity V Championship (SEA IVC) 2022 finals? Let us know in the comments below!

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