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Kyrgyzstan is crowned as the champion of the IESF World Esports Championship 2023 (IESF WEC): PUBG Mobile

The 15th edition of IESF gets a new champion in PUBG Mobile

Team Kyrgyzstan is crowned as the champion of the PUBG Mobile event in the 15th IESF World Esports Championship (IESF WEC) 2023. A total of 18 matches were played in the event featuring PUBG Mobile. The champion team gathered 207 points by their team to win the event. As the runner-up was stuck at 173 total points, there was a clear gap of 34 points in between.

2023 IESF WEC PUBG Mobile: The champion team’s journey to the top

The 2023 IESF WEC PUBG Mobile champion, Team Kyrgyzstan, had a flying start as the team managed to pick up two consecutive WWCDs. Runner-up Turkey, then, followed the same by winning the next two matches of Erangel and looked to be the perfect opponent for the champion team. However, the champions were so regular in gathering points and elimination points that the team didn’t have to worry about winning the event. Moreover, the team picked up 5 WWCDs in total, the highest among all.

Before the event took place, 15 teams from four qualifiers along with the winner of the 14th IESF WEC Champion, Team Kazakhstan, joined the event. The previous champion finished in the 7th position.

Prize Pool

IESF World Esports Championship 2023 (IESF WEC) PUBG Mobile point table
Image via IESF

The PUBG Mobile event featured a total of $80,000 as the prize pool. Only the top three teams earned a part of it. Winning the event got the champion team the highest share which is $40,000 while the runner-up Turkey could get $24,000. Lastly, the third-placed team that is the host nation Romania, has bagged $16,000.

Ukraine withdrew its teams from the IESF World Esports Championship

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to date, Russia was banned from playing under the country’s name and flag in the championship. However, the organizers pulled off the ban after a vote among the participant countries took place and Russia got 28 votes in favor. However, the Ukraine Esports Federation (UESF) decided to withdraw their teams from the event.

The 15th edition of the IESF World Esports Championships is currently taking place in Iași, Romania. The event features six game titles and a total prize pool of $500,000 for the participants. Among the featured titles, there are two mobile titles (PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends Bang Bang). Starting on the 25th of August 2023, the event will conclude on the 3rd of September.

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