Mahjong Soul to host Grand Chariot Cup 2022 featuring top players of Catfood Bowl Tournament

4 teams to compete for the title of the strongest team!

Mahjong Soul, a Japanese riichi mahjong game with an anime theme, will host the Grand Chariot Cup in 2022. This is the first and only official world-class event, featuring top Catfood Bowl Tournament players from across the world, as well as Pro Jyanshis, who will compete in four teams for the title of strongest team.

Grand Chariot Cup 2022 will feature players from all the three Mahjong Soul servers

The thrilling tournament has four teams in total. Three of these teams will represent their respective servers with elite Catfood Bowl Tournament players. The 1 more Pro Jyanshi team is on its way, raising the stakes even higher. It’s not just a competition between the greatest players from the world’s three servers, but also between elite Mahjong Soul players and professionals. The victorious team will get a trophy and a one-year title.

Mahjong Soul Catfood Bowl Tournament
Image via Yostar Games

Players can check out the Mahjong Soul Official YouTube Livestream on 2022/5/14 at 3:00 A.M. (UTC-7). Mysterious rewards will be given away during the live stream.

Tournament Format and Rules

Each team starts with 30,000 points, and the winning score must be 35,000. Each player takes part in one Hanchan Match, and the team with the most points at the end wins. No busting with 3 Red Fives. If the dealer tenpais or wins in the last round, the game does not conclude for the player in the first position. If there is a tie at the end of the match, the person who received this score last receives the higher ranking. For participants’ information and other details, players can check out the official website of the 2022 Grand Chariot Cup.

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