Mobile Legends: Top 5 teams to watch out at MLBB M3 World Championship

These 5 teams can win the title at the M3 world championship

The biggest tournament of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang(MLBB) famously known as M3 World Championship is knocking at the door and during the hype is touching the roof, which of the top 5 teams has more potential and leading in the title race.

EVOS Gaming
EVOS Gaming

There are total of 12 teams participating in the tournament which has 3x prize money than the last time around. Chasing the grand title there will be some teams ahead in stats and performance reviews. Judging by recent performances, roster, team synergy and competitive experience few teams can be filtered as stronger contender than others.

Top 5 teams to look out at MLBB M3 world Championship

1. Blacklist International

The back-to-back champions of the Philippines, Blacklist International might just be looking at their glory season this time. The team is immensely strong with their experienced midlaner OhMyV33nus who has been a real asset to them. With Wise as their jungler and Hadji’s tanking the team has to be one of the top five for the title race. Despite their recent loss in the MPL Invitational, the team will be looking for reigning the biggest crown of them all as they are beaming with confidence gained from so much recent success.

Blacklist International
Blacklist International

Full Roster:

Player NameRole
OHEBGold laner
EdwardEXP laner
Dex StarMidlaner

2. Team RRQ HOSHI for MLBB M3

The name itself speaks for the team. Being one of the household names since the dawn of MLBB official tournaments RRQ has been one of the most consistent competitors too. The roster and the name of the franchise are all too dominant of this team. Being the runners-up of M1, RRQ HOSHI must be looking to claim the glory which almost was in their grasp once. Xinnn, Vynnn, Alberttt, R7, and Skylar are all too power-packed as a team. Arguably with one of the strongest teams can RRQ HOSHI claim the ultimate success this time? The answer can be strongly affirmative for the fans and the team.


Full Roster:

Player NameRole
XinnnGold laner
R7EXP laner
SkylarGold laner

3. ONIC Esports

With the consistent performance in almost every major tournament they have participated and the recent heavy success of MPL ID season 8 ONIC Esports are in a brawl right now. Beating RRQ HOSHI without a single defeat and also winning the MPLI this team looking unbeatable for the moment. The team has some high-voltage players like SANZ, Butsss, CW and more. They are hungry for their maiden glory in the most prestigious platform of the game.

ONIC Esports team MLBB M3
ONIC Esports team

Full Roster:

Player NameRole
ButsssEXP laner
CWGold laner
SirLansJungler/Gold laner

4. TEAM SMG for this MLBB M3

Struggling at their beginning days, Team SMG has turned their table around since the arrival of some of the game’s heroic names such as SaSa and coach Jamesss. Probably, the strongest team in Malaysia will be looking to claim it all for the country. Beating Todak in the final they are already made a hard impact in the scenario. The players and the overall recent performance make them a strong candidate for the M3 title.


Full Roster:

Player NameRole
SaSaGold laner
LoongGold laner
SmoothEXP laner

5. BTK

With the famous streamer MobaZane leading the team, the NA champions are a real contender this time. Though the last time the performance of the other NA team wasn’t really up to the expectation this time the story can be different. But, BTK has been winning every single tournament in their region recently making them an unstoppable force. With a very experienced team and strong synergy among players, BloodThirstyKings are indeed looking thirsty to take the title with them.

BTK team
BTK team

Full Roster:

Player NameRole
VictorGold laner
FwydChicknEXP laner

The top 5 teams at MLBB M3 are fan favorites

Although each of the 12 teams qualified for the biggest stage is all capable of bagging the silverware, these top 5 teams are surely going to be some steps ahead of others at the MLBB M3 World Championship. One of these teams can be seen as the crowned champions in the upcoming battle of giants which will start at the beginning of the next month.

Do you think these top 5 teams have what it takes to win the MLBB M3 World Championship? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hope this time RRQ will get their first ever M3 Championship.

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