Mobile Legends MPL-MY Season 7: Prize pool, Format, Qualified teams and more


The time for the Mobile Legends MPL-MY Season 7 is upon us! Starting over this weekend, MLBB launches its 7th professional esports league season in Malaysia. After starting in 2017, this season will be the first time with only Malaysian teams participating in the tournament. Previously both Malaysian and Singaporean teams competed together under the tournament MPL MY-SG. However, Singapore will host Season 1 of the Mobile Legends Professional League under MPL-SG this year.

Qualified teams for Mobile Legends MPL-MY Season 7

Mobile Legends MPL-MY Season 7
Teams which qualified for Mobile Legends MPL-MY Season 7

Todak (Group A)

  • Ashi (Tank)
  • 4Meyz (Flex)
  • Ciku (Jungler)
  • Jemi (Tank)
  • Medal (Junger)
  • Momo (Offlane)
  • Moon (Support/Tank)
  • Stoo (Offlane)
  • Vinss (Support/Mage)
  • Xray (Offlane)

Orange Esports (Group A)

  • Kuja (Offlane)
  • Aim (Mage/Support)
  • Delus (Junger)
  • Mali (Tank/Support)
  • Mom (Tank/Offlane)
  • Neo (Flex)

Reborn Esports (Group A)

  • Valenz (Flex)
  • Akimmm (Jungler)
  • Eshaa (Offlane)
  • Kiddozes (Offlane)
  • Mannn (Support)
  • Minnn (Offlane)
  • Zacus (Tank)

Team SMG (Group A)

  • Zaim Sempoi (Mage/Support)
  • Ayish (Jungler)
  • Fakez (Jungler)
  • Loong (Offlaner)
  • Saiyajinn (Tank)
  • Smooth (Offlaner)

Homebois (Group A)

  • Infernii (Support
  • Anippp (Flex
  • Avaaa (Jungler)
  • Chibii (Jungler)
  • Ijat (Tank)
  • Omz (Offlaner)
  • Sepat (Offlaner)

Red (Group B)

  • Haru (Tank/Support)
  • Ash (Support)
  • Eren (Jungler)
  • Fufu (Offlaner/Support)
  • Heri (Offlaner)
  • Klvn (Tank)
  • Mal (Jungler)

RSG MY (Group B)

  • Rush (Support)
  • Kaizer (Offlane)
  • Leixia (Jungler)
  • Logan (Spport)
  • Lolealz (Flex)
  • Syno (Offlane)
  • Zaraki (Tank)

Suhaz EVOS (Group B)

  • Hyhy (Offlaner/Marksman)
  • AJ (Support/Mage)
  • Box (Jungler)
  • D Ace (Tank)
  • Eavy (Offlaner)
  • Padel (Offlaner)

Team Bosskurr (Group B)

  • 2EZ4JEPV (Tank/Support)
  • Dragon (Offlaner)
  • Flinnt (Flex)
  • Gotenn (Flex)
  • Myzer (Flex)
  • Rynn (Flex)
  • Tomen (Jungler)

Geek Fam (Group B)

  • Artz (Offlaner)
  • Dominus (Flex)
  • Feekz (Jungler)
  • Maima (Jungler)
  • Panda (Flex)
  • Xorn (Flex)

Tournament Format

All the 10 teams in MPL-MY season 7 will be divided into 2 groups – Group A, and Group B. From Week 1 until Week 5, teams will face opponents from the same group in a Best of 3 formats. Moreover, this will be a double round-robin format. This means that teams will face off against the other 4 teams in the same group twice. Moreover, each fixture will be a best of 3 match in this phase. In the second phase, i.e. Weeks 6-8, teams will face off against opponents in the other group in a single round-robin format. Each Best of 3 wins in both phases will reward a team with 1 point, which will be carried over from phase 1 to phase 2.

If there are any ties in scoring, a tiebreaker will be set between the teams with an equal score. 1 additional point will be awarded for every match the team has won, and 1 point deducted for each match lost. If the tie still prevails, the head-to-head record between the 2 teams will be considered to determine the winner. In the most unexpected case, if teams have won and lost an equal number of matches against each other, then this will call for a very special, additional Best of 1 game between the teams to determine who will move on to the playoffs.

Mobile Legends MPL-MY Season 7 Prize pool

Mobile Legends MPL-MY Season 7
Team Todak were crowned as the MPL-MY Season 6 Champions

At the end of the 8 weeks, the top 4 teams from each group will move on to the playoffs. The final 8 teams will compete in a double elimination format for a prize pool of $100,000, with the top 2 teams from each group in the Upper Bracket and the other 4 teams in the Lower Bracket.

Final Thoughts

The Mobile Legends MPL-MY season 7 is a new beginning for MPL Malaysia as this is the first with all-Malaysian team participation. This will bring in new faces and old pros to face off in the grandest league of this game. Moreover, all games will be live-streamed on the official Youtube and Facebook pages of MPL Malaysia, so if you are interested in seeing these teams duke it out live, you are just a click away. All of the matches are hosted online, and the tournament itself is also fully online, so even if you are not in the country, you are free to witness legends face-off live!

Who do you think has what it takes to be the champions for Mobile Legends MPL-MY Season 7? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

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