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PMCO Fall Split 2019 SA Finals leaderboard and highlights of Day 3

The final day of PUBG Mobile Club Open South Asian Finals here. Top 2 team from here to go directly to global finals, while the 3rd 4th and 5th team will play the global finals prelims. The fight to get the tickets for Kualalumpur, Malayasia was real! The 3rd day made a lot of changes in the PMCO Fall Split 2019 SA Finals leaderboard. And finally, Team Entity Gaming took the crown of the winner. So let us take a look at the highlights of the last day and the leaderboard.

Match #13 – Erangel

  • ETG Brawlers – 25 (Winner!)
  • Team INS – 22
  • Fnatic – 16

The first match of the final day started in Erangel. Team SouL got eliminated at the beginning. During the mid-match, Fnatic Owais got knocked out and while trying to revive, the whole squad got wiped out by Team MegaStars. Megavexe killed both Owais and ScoutOP. Team INS, GodLike and ETG Brawlers were the last 3 survivors of the match. Finally, ETG Brawlers defeated Team INS to win the match.

PMCO Fall split SA finals

Match #14 – Sanhok

  • Team IND – 24 (Winner winner chicken dinner!)
  • Mega Stars – 22
  • ETG Brawlers – 18

The plane went from the North-Eastern side of the map while the first play zone started in the southern part of the map. As usual Sanhok matches, the whole match was intense. The last few zones were centred around ‘Pai Nan’. SouL MortaL was pretty much aggressive during this match and he was the only survivor of the team. SouL Regaltos played well but he could not survive much longer. Fnatic team got a bad death in this match. The whole squad was wiped out by ETG Brawlers. At last, MegaStars and Team IND were left and Team IND eliminated MegaStars to get the crown.

Match #15 – Miramar

  • Zero Degree – 33 (Winner winner chicken dinner!)
  • Synerge – 24
  • Team SouL – 19

The plane went through the South Western part of the map. The first Zone was based on Los Lenos, El Azahar and San Martin. The first half of the match was quite slow. But as the match progressed, the game became interesting. INSJokerFTW showed a great grenade show. He killed 3 players with 2 grenades. In this match, Team Fnatic and team RIP Official had a bad encounter. Both of them got totally wiped out during their gunfight. Lastly, Team Zero Degree faced Team Synerge and Zero Degree pocketed the winner title. But interestingly, Team SouL jumped to top spot after this match.

Match #16 – Erangel

  • Team Mayhem – 31 (Winner!)
  • RIP Official – 24
  • ETG Brawlers – 17

In this match, the plane went in-between the two main islands of the map. The plane position gave decent chances to loot. However, the first zone started in the north part of Erangel covering Severny, Stalbar, Yasnaya, School etc. Team INS became the first one to get eliminated. In the whole match, Team GodLike showed a great show. However, they could not stand much longer in the game. Near the Rozhok bridge, players showed intense fights. Finally, Team Mayhem took the chicken dinner!

PMCO Fall Split 2019 SA Finals

Match #17 – Vikendi

  • Entity Gaming – 37 (Winner!)
  • Team Syenere – 18
  • Team IND – 16

In this second last match of the PMCO Fall Split South Asian finals, Entity Gaming showcased a great skill play. The match was in Vikendi. The first zone started in the southern part of the map centred around Winery. Team Elementrix was the first team to get out in this match. Megastars eliminated Team Fnatic next. ETG Brawlers also showed a good gunfight in the match. And at the end, it was Team Synergy vs Team Entity Gaming vs Team IND. Here Entity wiped out both of the teams and took the chicken dinner!

PMCO Fall Split 2019 SA Finals

Match #18 – Erangel

In this final match of the PMCO Fall Split 2019 SA Finals, the plane went through Severny to Novorepnoye giving the players plenty of chance to loot. The first zone started covering Shooting Range, Rozhok, SChool, Ferry Pier and Georgopool. Team Mayhem was the first one to get out of the match, followed by Zero Degree. Team SouL, Entity Gaming who were leading the leaderboards also got eliminated in the early game. Nepali Ho Ni, Team INS and Team ORB Official were the last three to survive. And at the end, Team INS defeated both of them to get to chicken dinner!

What are your opinions about the whole tournament? DO let us know in the comments below! For more Mobile Gaming related content, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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