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PMCO Fall Split 2020: 11 Indian & 8 Pakistani teams are disqualified for cheating

PUBG Mobile finally takes action against hackers & cheaters of PMCO Fall Split 2020

PUBG Mobile official Esports team has stated that 11 Indian teams and 8 Pakistani teams have been disqualified from participating in the PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2020 for using illegal software like hacks or cheats. PUBG Mobile has been stating that they have been very strict when it comes to using hacks and cheats, although that has been questioned by PUBGM players all over the world. Finally, they have taken a strict action for a total of 19 teams participating in the group stages of the PMCO Fall Split 2020, and a result of using illegal software, they have been disqualified from the competition altogether.

List of disqualified teams from PMCO Fall Split 2020

PUBG Mobile official Esports team has stated that they have disqualified a total of 19 teams from the Indian subcontinent, 11 teams from India & 8 from Pakistan.

Indian teams that are disqualified

  • Haters Esports
  • Team F4
  • TXO
  • Mcops Esports
  • DTH Esports
  • Website
  • Reckless Esports
  • DND Mahewians
  • Ninjax Team
  • Indian Official
  • Revenge Corvus

Pakistani teams that are disqualified

  • Team Xtreme
  • 47 Esports
  • Hotshotss
  • Thehellfires
  • Team Ecstasyyy
  • Teamhellfire
  • Pak Falcon
  • RiskOP

Why were these teams disqualified from the PMCO Fall Split 2020?

PUBG Mobile Esports team stated that they want every PUBG Mobile Pro tournament to be completely fair for every team, and in a competitive environment. They run constant background checks for each team, and any team found guilty of taking unfair advantage through any hacks or cheats would have the same fate as these 19 teams. This also sends out a message to all other PUBG Mobile players on why they should never use any hacks or cheats, more so in Esports tournaments.

We constantly strive to make PUBG MOBILE Esports a fair and competitive eco-system, with constant thorough background checks & investigations. The following teams have been found guilty using illegal software (cheats/hacks) and are therefore disqualified from the competition.


More details on what kind of illegal software were these teams using are still to be revealed, and we’ll keep you updated as soon as we get any information. However, PUBG Mobile is set to announce its biggest Esports event of the year on August 24, so stay tuned!

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