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PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) Season Zero Finals: A List of all Awards Winners from the Tournament

Who won what?

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) finals have just concluded. Nova Esports have won the Championship title and proved to be the best team in the world in the present PUBG Mobile Esports scenario. Besides granting the world champions a massive amount of prize money, the event saw some of the top class PUBG Mobile players around the world and even awarded some of the best performed individual players. In this piece, We will talk about all the awards winners from the PMGC Season Zero Finals.

PMGC Season Zero Awards Total Prize Pool

The massive pool prize of 120,000,000 USD guaranteed that no team will be leaving the tournament empty-handed, whatever their position would be. All the teams had a share of the prize pool for their efforts in reaching the grand finals.

The prize pool for the award winners was distributed among the teams based on their standings in the PMGC Season Zero.
Here is the complete list of the teams with their standings and awarded prize:

  1. Nova Esports $700,000
  2. 4 Angry Men – $200,000
  3. Zeus Esports – $100,000
  4. Natus Vincere – $40,000
  5. Bigetron RA – $25,000
  6. Konina Power – $20,000
  7. Team Secret – $17,000
  8. Klas Digital Athletics – $15,000
  9. A7 Esports – $12,000
  10. Secret Jin – $11,000
  11. RRQ Athena – $10,000
  12. Futbolist – $10,000
  13. Aerowolf Limax – $10,000
  14. Power888 KPS – $5,000
  15. A1 Esports – $5,000
  16. Abrupt Slayers – $5,000

Now let’s look at the individual awards winners from PMGC Season Zero Awards.

1. Most Valuable Player (MVP)

Sukk from  Four Angry Men (4AM) became the MVP ( Most Valuable Player ) of the finals. The player gave his best to win the championship for his team but found a slight lack of support from the team. Sukk’s overall performance granted him the MVP award which included the highest damage dealt of 11510. He amassed the second-highest kills (54) with a total survival time of 631:09 in the finals.

PMGC Season Zero Awards

2. The Gunslinger

The Gunslinger award also went to 4AM’s Sukk for his consistent performance throughout the tournament. Sukk indeed deserved the Gunslinger award in the PMGC Season Zero Finals. He had the most number of kills throughout the entire tournament including the league stage, where he took 149 kills and 54 kills in the finals.

3. The Eagle Eye

The Eagle Eye award was awarded to the player who had the longest distance kill in the tournament. RRQ’s Beer11 took away the title for getting a kill from 463 meters away which was the longest distance in the tournament.

PMGC Season Zero Awards

4. The Grenade Master

BTR’S Ryzen was awarded as the Grenade Master in the PMGC Season Zero. Ryzen who is originally the main rusher for the team showed his skills as a grenadier and took out the most kills (26) using the grenades.

5. The Survivor

This award was awarded to Dante from A1 Esports. The player had the highest amount of total survival time of 124414 seconds with 25 minutes being the longest survival time in a single match. Additionally, the player got 49 kills and dealt 9238 damage.

PMGC Season Zero Awards

6. The Field Medic

Futbolist’s Lovazin walked away with the field medic award. Lovazin had the most number of revivals which was 67 revives.

PMGC Season Zero Kill Leaderboard

Finally, we’ll look at the top 10 players from the PMGC Finals. Order from Nova Esports proved to be the best player in the PMGC Season Zero Finals.

  1. Order (Nova) – 56 kills; 10709 damage
  2. Sukk (4AM) – 54 kills; 11510 damage
  3. Zyol (Zeus) – 48 kills; 9962 damage
  4. Paraboy (Nova) – 44 kills; 11484 damage
  5. Law (A7) – 39 kills; 8585 damage
  6. Zuxxy (BTR) – 38 kills; 8795 damage
  7. Oldboy (NAVI) – 35 kills; 9403 damage
  8. Godless (Zeus) – 35 kills; 8111 damage
  9. Zimmy (Nova) – 35 kills; 7971 damage
  10. Ryzen (BTR) – 34 kills; 8788 damage

What are your opinions on the awards winners from PMGC 2020 Finals Season Zero Champions? Let us know in the comment section below!

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