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Nova Esports is crowned as the PMGC 2020 Finals Season Zero Champions

Welcome the first-ever PUBG Mobile Global Champions!

The grand finals of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2020 Season Zero, PUBG Mobile’s biggest eSports tournament to date, has just concluded and we have crowned new global champions in the form of Nova Esports. A very swift run for the team, Nova Esports started the tournament in no hurry, but as time passed by the team started showing its aggression till the end of the tournament.

With this win, Nova Esports have added their first Global Championship to their name. The last time when the team competed in the Globals was back in the PMCO Spring Split Global Finals where they lost to Top Esports with a margin of 20 points and were placed second.

Nova Esports doesn’t need an introduction, everyone familiar with PUBG Mobile’s competitive scene would recognize this team as one of the most consistent and dominant teams in the entire world. The team slightly went out of form (just from the champion spot) when the team of 4 Angry Men defeated Nova Esports for the title of Peacekeeper Elite League Season 3. But now they seem to have regained themselves completely. The team’s successful run lies within their roster whose core players have stuck with the team ever since it was formed. The team is led by their in-game leader Jimmy, Paraboy plays the main assaulter for the team and is supported by Coolboy. The later addition to Order as a sniper in the team has then made this team an unstoppable force. Still, they had one more player left on the roster as a substitute.

PMGC 2020 Finals Season Zero: As it happened

The grand finals were the most chaotic with so many twists and turns. As expected the likes of 4 Angry Men, Nova Esports, Biggertron Red Aliens were high at the level of competition. But Natus Vincere, Klas Digital Athletics were among the top western teams in a tough competition. While Zeus Esports who were originally the Wildcard qualifiers outcast the real definition of ‘Surprise’. Let’s look at a daily summary of the huge event.

Day 1: It all started where it ended in the league stage. 6 matches were played on the starting day and 4 Angry Men bagged 2 Chicken Dinners out of them. But Klas Digital Athletics was the team to finish the first day on top with a minimal margin.

Day 2: After 2 days of delay, the second day resumed and it was a major turnaround day as teams started climbing up and the table started taking its shape. Teams like BTR, Natus Vincere started climbing up in the table but again Klas Digital Athletics closed the day on top for the second day.

PMGC 2020 Season Zero Champions
Final Points table

Day 3: The third day was a bit packed with surprise and an introduction of a new team in the trophy race. Mongolian team, Zeus Esports came to the championship picture with their aggressive killing points on this day. Even after having a slow start, the game shown by this team in the 18th match with 16 kills placed them in a tie with 4AM by the end of the day and a potential championship candidate. This even likely killed BTR’s chances of winning the PMGC Finals.

Day 4: The last chance for every team and it was a hard-fought day. A very hard-fought battle shown from 4AM and Zeus Esports but they fell short in the last match which allowed Nova Esports to become the first-ever champions of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship.

Final thoughts

With this PUBG Mobile has closed its 2020 esports competition. The way the defending champions Bigetron Red Aliens were stopped from regaining their form at the end shows the amount of competition that has risen over the past year. The PMGC 2020 Finals Season Zero had a huge amount of $1,200,000 featured and the champions Nova Esports bagged $700,000 out of it. 4AM took $200,000 with them as Zeus Esports carried $100,000.

Sukk from 4AM became the tournament MVP and gunslinger of the tournament for his efforts. All the teams gave their best and made it to the finals. Even in the finals, 3 teams were in the race of winning the PMGC title till the last match. In terms of Winner Winner Chicken Dinners, 4AM had the most number of wins among the rest of the teams, while Zeus Esports had the second most number of kills after Nova Esports. But it was only Nova Esports overall performance that made them a champion team. PUBG Mobile will now start its competition for the year with the Club Open (whose registrations have been completed) and start its hunt for the next big team.

What are your opinions on Nova Esports becoming the PMGC 2020 Finals Season Zero Champions? Which team did you support? Let us know in the comment section below!

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