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PMIS 2020: PUBG Mobile relaxes Cut-off for Online Qualifier

The participating teams of PUBG Mobile India Series (PMIS) 2020 went brouhaha when the result of In-Game Qualifiers was declared on June 5, 2020. It was said that even after having higher average kills and chicken dinner matches, teams couldn’t qualify. On the other hand, teams with low points got the PMIS 2020 qualification e-mail. That’s why the players wanted the revaluation of results. Now to deal with the situation, PUBG Mobile team has relaxed the PMIS 2020 cut-off.

992 qualified teams will be playing PMIS 2020 instead of 248

There is good news coming for all the squads as PUBG Mobile has finally released an official statement regarding the same. Based on the feedbacks, PUBG Mobile has now addressed the issue. They have decided to increase the number of slots for the Online Qualifier from 248 to 992.

New format of PMIS 2020

PUBG Mobile has not announced the new format for PMIS 2020. According to the previous format, In-Game Qualifiers started for all the registered players from May 20, 2020. The teams played 15 games and out of which best 10 games were to be considered for their ranking. Out of all the teams registered, only the top 248 teams with the highest scores were to be moved to the online qualifier. Now, it has been increased to 992 teams.

It is still not clear when we will get the updated list of qualified squads. The official announcement mentions that they will soon release the new list of qualified teams and the changed format after the PMIS 2020 cut-off relaxed.

According to the schedule, online Qualifiers will start from June 17, 2020. As announced earlier, it will be streamed live on the PUBG Mobile India Official YouTube channel.

Note: In case you face any issue in the future then you can directly contact the PUBG Mobile officials at

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