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PUBG Mobile Esports: Brazillian team Alpha7 accused of doping in official tournaments

Quite an unexpected happening in the Esports scene!

In a recent allegation yesterday, the CEO of Brazilian esports organization Rise EsportsRiseGEiSON has accused their country rivals Alpha7 of being involved in doping during official PUBG Mobile tournaments to gain an unfair advantage. He said that he has the necessary evidence to prove these claims, which has caused a disturbance in America’s PUBG Mobile esports scene.

PUBG Mobile team Alpha7 doping: Background and claims

In his latest post, RiseGEiSON accused the Alpha7 players of using the drug “Venvanse” during official PUBG Mobile tournaments. Further, according to him, the matter has already been presented in the court of law, since there is considerable evidence supporting the claim and testimonies to the incident.

The drug “Venvanse” is illegal in any competition, due to its unfair advantages to the abuser. It increases attention span and awareness, which is crucial in the current PUBG Mobile tournaments. These tournaments often require up to 5 or 6 hours of continuous gameplay per day.

alpha7 doping
Image via Instagram

By taking the drug, the players can maintain their composure and activity for much longer and gain an advantage over other players. Alpha7 player Mafioso posted about the allegation on his Instagram story.


The doping accusations, if true, can be a major black patch in the development of PUBG Mobile esports in that particular region. Also, when the team accused is Alpha7, who are very successful, it will cause disturbance amongst other top teams due to rising suspicions. It can also cause widespread dissatisfaction with past tournament results, where other teams might demand justice for being pitted against a team with enhanced physical capabilities. Reportedly, Tencent is already on the issue, and we will get to hear a decision soon if the allegation still holds up.

What are your thoughts about doping allegations on PUBG Mobile team Alpha7? Let us know in the comments below!

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