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PUBG Mobile: PMWL Season Zero delayed due to crashing issue on iOS

PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero has been delayed until tomorrow due to the recent PUBG Mobile crashing issue on iOS, officials have confirmed. The iOS users are suddenly facing an issue where they are unable to open the PUBG Mobile app and it is crashing immediately due to an unknown error. The developers were working on a fix, and the issue has been solved already.

What was causing the PUBG Mobile crashing issue on iOS?

The iOS users all around the globe were facing an issue where many iPhone apps are crashing as soon as they are opened, apparently because of a problem at Facebook. PUBG Mobile uses Facebook’s platform for user login, and that system was broken because of a technical issue. However, Android devices remain indifferent as this issue was only affecting iOS devices as of now. This is why the PUBG Mobile app kept crashing on iOS as soon as it was launched.

We are aware and investigating an increase in errors on the iOS SDK which is causing some apps to crash.


However, PUBG Mobile had announced that the devs were actively working with the FB developers to find a quick fix for the issue. Meanwhile, they requested patience from the players.

PUBG Mobile Official Twitter handle on the issue

PUBG Mobile crashing issue has been fixed

The devs of different apps were working along with the Facebook developers looking into the technical issue, and we are glad to inform you that the issue has been fixed. Some users previously confirmed that uninstalling and reinstalling the app doesn’t fix the issue, while some others reported that using a blocker to stop apps from accessing the Facebook servers fixes the issue.

Previously, Facebook encountered a similar issue in May, and that problem was fixed in just more than 2 hours. This time, the issue has been fixed within a similar time range.

PMWL Season Zero delayed due to the issue

PUBG Mobile ESports team have confirmed that the PMWL Season Zero which was scheduled to start has been delayed until tomorrow due to this app crashing issue on iOS. The delay is understandable as many pro players who were supposed to participate in the tournament are iOS users. The PMWL broadcast will start tomorrow at the same time as it was scheduled today.

The live stream will kick off on PUBGM’s official YouTube channel tomorrow at 17:30 IST for PMWL East and at 20:00 CEST/11:00 PST for PMWL West.

PUBG Mobile Esports’ announcement on Twitter

This is not the first time PMWL Season Zero is facing an issue as yesterday only PUBG Mobile announced that some of the West League teams were hit by the COVID-19 issue. The teams, however, decided to carry on with the online event from their homes.

As the crashing issue has been fixed, we hope that we get to see an action-packed event as the PMWL resumes tomorrow!

What are your thoughts as PMWL Season Zero is delayed due to the iOS crashing issue? Which teams will you support in the PMWL? Let us know in the comment section below!

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