Repotted Gaming crowned as the champions of Clash of Clans ClashMSTRS Gold 2023

The ultimate stage is becoming ready in Helsinki

Clash of Clans ClashMSTRS Gold 2023 has ended today and Repotted Gaming came up as the champions of the tournament. The team defeated Chasmac Gaming EA in the grand finals and took the champion title.

Not only, the team has managed to get a whopping share of the prize pool, but it also has booked a ticket to the biggest event of Clash of Clans Esports, the Clash of Clans World Championship 2023. The team will fly to Helsinki to join the fight among the best Clash of Clans teams around the world.

ClashMSTRS Gold 2023: How it went for the champions Repotted Gaming

The playoffs started with the upper bracket quarter-finals. Winners went to the upper bracket semi and the losers had to play in the lower bracket. Repotted Gaming has made its way to the Grand Final by winning all the matches in their respective bracket.

While the eventual champion team rocketed their way to the finals, the runner-up Chasmac Gaming EA faced some hindrances along the way. The team lost the Upper Bracket Final against the Repotted Gaming, where Chasmac Gaming EA dealt 95% damage and picked up 14 stars in total, while the champion Repotted Gaming dealt 95.50% damage with the same amount of stars collected.

Clash of Clans ClashMSTRS Gold 2023 playoffs fixture
Image via Supercell

Moving towards the lower bracket final, Chasmac had to face off against Millesime MG. The team won the round and came back again to face the champion. The chance to win the golden ticket and take sweet revenge was almost staged but failed in the end. Repotted Gaming came out as more aggressive this time and picked up 99.40% damage. Thus, Chasmac had no other way than to surrender the trophy to the champion Repotted Gaming.

Repotted Gaming took the lion’s share from the event Prize Pool

The event shared a grand total of $50,000 as the prize pool. Winning the event has got Repotted Gaming the largest share, which is $18,000. The champion team has also qualified for the Clash of Clans World Championship 2023 by taking the Golden Ticket. On the other hand, the runner-up Chasmac Gaming EA took a fair share of $10,000. Moreover, Millesime MG became the third-placed team to take $7,000 home, followed by the fourth-place holder Natus Vincere, which took $5,000.

With all the qualifier events coming to an end, the ClashMSTRS Gold 2023 champion Repotted Gaming also gets a breathing window to prepare themselves for the final dance in Helsinki, Finland. As the team could not judge its name accordingly in the previous edition, it will surely want to secure a top place in the upcoming event.

What are your thoughts on Repotted Gaming becoming the champions of Clash of Clans ClashMSTRS Gold 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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