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Stalwart Esports crowned as the champions of PUBG Mobile (PMPL) South Asia Championship Fall 2023

PMGC 2023 will kick off without any teams from Nepal

The regional championship is over now for PUBG Mobile Esports in South Asia. One of the most powerful esports teams in PUBG Mobile, Stalwart Esports, has become the champions of the PUBG Mobile (PMPL) South Asia Championship Fall 2023. The event has also selected four teams as the participants of the upcoming global event of PUBG Mobile, the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2023.

This is the second major title for the team in the previous four months. Becoming the champion in the event, Stalwart Esports is anticipated to surpass $1M in lifetime earnings from PUBG Mobile Esports. A few teams have reached the milestone so far.

PMPL South Asia Championship Fall 2023: Stalwart Esports and its journey as champions

With the top 16 teams from the league stage, the event started its grand finals on the 31st of August 2023. A total of 24 matches were held in a four-day period. Stalwart finished the first day of the finals in the 13th position. The team even could not come to the top 8 after the second day. AGONxi8 Esports was consistent from the initial day and managed to acquire a position around the top five teams. But, the champions were unable to justify their might before the others.

As the went completed its third day, AGONxi8 Esports was sitting at the top while T2K Esports was the only team from Nepal sitting on the edge of the top 6. However, the champion team started the fourth day from the 5th position, followed by IHC Esports on the seventh. 26 points of a clear gap were standing between the champion and the table topper. But the tide started to go against the top team from the beginning of the final day.

PUBG Mobile (PMPL) South Asia Championship Fall 2023 overall leaderboard
Image via PUBG Mobile Esports

The event has yet to surprise the fans. As the final day approached, AGONxi8 Esports was sitting at the top and seemed to be the champion. But the PUBG Mobile God has written the fate otherwise. Putting immense pressure on the others, the champion emerged as an absolute monster for the others and picked up three WWCDs in the last six matches. Thus, ensuring a lead of 26 points to become the champion. No one could think that a team falling this behind would make a historic comeback.

Finally, with a total of 208 points in the bag, Stalwart became the champion of the PMPL South Asia Championship Fall 2023, followed by runner-up 4Merical Vibes. IHC Esports finished in the top three. The most shocking thing has happened to DRS Gaming. Runner-up of the PMGC 2022 finished in the 10th position and failed to qualify for the 2023 PMGC.

Stalwart Esports bagged the lion’s share of the Prize Pool home

The event featured a total of $150,000 as the prize pool. The champion of the PMPL South Asia Championship Fall 2023 grabbed the largest share which is $26,000. 4Merical Vibes, the runner-up, bagged $20,000 while the third-placed AGONxi8 Esports pocketed $14,000.

PUBG Mobile (PMPL) South Asia Championship Fall 2023 MVP Leaderboard
Image via PUBG Mobile Esports

TOP from the PMPL South Asia Championship Fall 2023 champion, Stalwart Esports, became the MVP of the tournament. He was awarded $1,000. The player dealt a total of 9786 damage and picked up 43 eliminations alone.

PMGC 2023 will be an event without any teams from Nepal

Several teams from Nepal are regarded as the powerhouses in the South Asian PUBG Mobile Esports scene and they proved it many times. No one could think of it either that PMGC 2023 will not see any team from that country fight in the global championship event. However, proving all the odds wrong, the Mongolian teams dominated, slaughtered the opponents, and took all four slots. There are 6 slots for South Asia in the upcoming PMGC 2023.

AGONxi8 Esports was qualified through PMGC Pakistan points and the top favorite in any international event, Stalwart Esports, made it to the event with PMGC South Asia points. And now, Nepalese teams are left behind in the just concluded championship has made the country fail to qualify in the most prestigious event of PUBG Mobile Esports. Two teams of the top four were already qualified for the PMGC 2023, thus, the next best two got their slots. The PMGC 2023 qualified teams from the event are as follows.

  • 4Merical Vibes
  • NB Esports
  • Seventh Element

However, the time for the South Asian stage is over now. Looking forward, fans will be eagerly waiting to watch the upcoming action in the next grand events of PUBG Mobile Esports.

What are your thoughts on Stalwart Esports being crowned as the champions of the PUBG Mobile (PMPL) South Asia Championship Fall 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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