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Team SouL has finally disbanded their BGMI roster

Scout and Mavi will form a new lineup!

After the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, India’s one of the most successful and fan-favorite teams, SouL had announced its official roster for the game. It had shocked the whole Indian gaming community since the best and most famous players like Naman Mathur aka ‘SoulMortal‘, Tanmay Singh aka ‘ScoutOp‘, and Harmandeep Singh aka ‘Mavi‘ came to compete in the same lineup. Fans were very much hyped up and excited about the new lineup. Although, after a string of poor performances in recent tournaments, Mortal has confirmed in his live stream that the BGMI roster of Team SouL has been disbanded. In this article, we are going about the recent incidents which led Team SouL to finaly disband and dismantle their BGMI roster.

Team SouL BGMI roster: Build up

Team Soul, which is powered by S8UL Esports, had announced their official BGMI roster on the 7th July 2021. It was a star-studded team with big names like Mortal, ScoutOp, Mavi, Regaltos, and Viper. They made their debut at the BGMI Launch party. They have also hired Siddhant Joshi aka Sid as their manager. Things were going smoothly at the beginning. But, after a series of 2-3 tournaments, problems start to arise.

Team SouL: The problems continued

Every player on the team was individually great but their performance was declining. At first, both players and fans had thought that it was normal because they had formed a new team. It is natural because such synergy issues do arise in cases of a new roster formation. It was soon that the older members of Team SouL were finding it hard to cooperate with Mavi, who was the in-game leader (IGL) of the team. They were working hard to build the same mindset as Mavi. Players were performing great on an individual level but lacked a lot as a team. Their skills were not also on par with other competitors. This is because they had not played the game for almost nine months because of the game ban. They were ending almost every tournament at the lower half of the points table. They had tried almost everything.

The outcome

Team SouL disbanded BGMI roster
Gill, Roxx, and Ultron will be forming a team with ScoutOP and Mavi

Even after trying almost everything, the result was the same with some occasional brilliance. It was also rumored that Arshdeep Singh aka ‘GiLL’, Hemant Sethi aka ‘Ultron’, and Yogesh Yadav aka ‘Roxx’ will join SouL since they were playing with Mavi and Scout. But in the recent youtube live stream of Mortal, who is one of the founding members of Team SouL announced that ScoutOp and Mavi will leave SouL. He also said that this decision is taken mutually for the betterment of all the players and the whole team. The main reason for the disbandment is the lack of synergy among the players. There is also a significant difference in the playing mindset between the in-game leader and other players.

Next stop

It is rumored that Mavi and ScoutOp will form a new lineup with previously mentioned GiLL, Ultron, and Roxx. This new lineup will play under Team XSpark, which is co-owned by ScoutOp. Despite leaving the roster, Mavi and ScoutOp will remain in S8UL. On the other hand, it is confirmed that Mortal, Viper, Regaltos will continue in Team SouL’s main Battlegrounds Mobile India lineup. There are rumors that ex-8bit player ‘Akshu’ will join soul as the fourth member. Sid will continue with S8UL Esports as the manager.

What are your thoughts on that Team SouL has finally disbanded their BGMI roster? Let us know in the comments below.

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