UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: Duos Invitational kicks off with a prize pool of $4,444

The UNO Mobile Wildcard Series Duos Invitational tournament is a brand-new event announced by Mattel163. This comes after the success of the ongoing Community Cup USA and Canada 2023 series and the first UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Stars. The competition is open to teams of two from the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and Spain. Eight Duos teams will compete in the Grand Finals on June 17 in UNO! Mobile‘s exclusive 2v2 format in an effort to become the inaugural Duos Champions and win a $4444 cash prize ($2,222 for each team member).

UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: Duos Invitational is yet another chance from Mattel163 for up-and-coming players to establish themselves in the competitive esports arena as mobile gaming continues to carve out its position there.

The UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: Community Cup Debut and Community Cup USA and Canada 2023 series are examples of how the game’s competitive community activities have achieved widespread success. UNO! Mobile has established itself as a fun and competitive esports game for both UNO veterans and novices thanks to its approachable gameplay and wildly unpredictable enjoyment.

Teams that sign up for the UNO Mobile Wildcard Series: Duos Invitational will have a chance to win mysterious in-game gifts

Gamers from the six nations who have reached level 3 in-game or higher may register in pairs. Couples that are interested can submit their team by presenting themselves and their approach to the tournament. Anyone may join forces with friends, families, or other players in the UNO! Mobile community thanks to the low entry barrier!

UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: Community Cup USA & Canada 2023
Image via Mattel163

Eight Duos teams will go head to head in UNO! Mobile’s exclusive 2v2 format

Thousands of teams from the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and Spain signed up for the tournament, but only eight Duos stand out based on their UNO! Mobile’s trophy numbers and their team’s strategy! The competition is sure to heat up with this exciting roster, who will battle it out for cash and grab the topmost team honor among the six countries:

  • Mod AlertNeil from Australia and W00d from the US are representing the UNO! Mobile community moderators. They’ve been playing UNO! Mobile since it was first released and both regularly enjoy different game modes. Their strategy involves memorizing discarded card colors and waiting for the right moment to strike with the wild cards. Their team-up dedicates a deep love of UNO! Mobile’s community with friends near and far!
  • Dynamic DuoKris from the US, who is the reigning Community Cup Debut champion, is joined by Dschini from Germany. These long-time friends met through UNO! Mobile’s online community. Dynamic Duo has played nearly 6,000 games together and has accomplished many in-game achievements! Their competitive edge is long-term teamwork and a perfect balance of risk and caution when playing UNO matches.
  • Mind Reader RichesQuaraciama and Diva from Canada became friends through the UNO! Mobile’s Go Wild mode, helping each other to win. Their team name represents their mind-reading strategy as they try to predict their opponent’s next moves. Quaraciama has become one of the top players of the Community Cup Canada and USA 2023 tournament, appearing in many monthly finals! Quaraciama and Diva have prepared for the Duos Invitational by playing UNO! Mobile’s Go Wild and Open Draft in 2v2 format!
  • Tickle Me Elmos: Jonny Boy and Carmen from the US met through the official UNO! Mobile Facebook channel and were inspired by their favorite Sesame Street character Elmo to come up with their team name. This duo plans to be the wild cards of this tournament by confusing their opponents and keeping their true strategy top secret!
  • Team R&SRodrii and SaRuKy from Spain, a content creator, and a teacher, met through the UNO! Mobile Discord community. Their team name comes because they have the same surname and combine their first names! Previously, Team R&S played casual matches but with hours of training, they’re now raring to take things to a competitive level!
  • Bottom to the TopKhee_Yarina and HaiLeePaw from the US have played UNO! Mobile together for three years. They have been best friends since they met in school years ago. This team will use their knowledge of each other’s strategy combined with the power of friendship to help them reach the top!
  • ChellerobFB:LatonyaLove and Girlmom25 from the US, combined Michelle and Robin to create their team name Chellerob! These two best friends (and cousins!) have been playing UNO! Mobile together for nearly two years. Their strategy is to play side-by-side physically during the live finals, which they hope will help them communicate and ultimately, win!
  • Salt and Pepper: Salt and Pepper are a couple from Germany who found each other online. As they did not have many chances to meet face-to-face earlier in their relationship, UNO! Mobile has been the bridge that connected these two for over one year! Salt and Pepper play UNO matches every night and they are passionate about winning the Duos Invitational!

On June 17, they will face off against one another! The chosen teams will compete in the game’s exclusive 2v2 format, with an unpredictable combination of UNO house rules, live-streamed in the UNO! Mobile app and on all of UNO! Mobile’s official social platforms.

Massive in-game awards will be given to all the teams that made the Grand Finals! Each member of the winning team will receive $2,222 as part of the $4,444 in total cash awarded to the first-ever Duos Champion. Teams that register for the Duos Invitational competition could earn enigmatical in-game prizes!

UNO Mobile Wildcard Series Duos Invitational
Image via Mattel163

Amy Huang, CEO of Mattel163, commented, “We are more than excited to introduce our Duos Invitational tournament! It ushers in the next phase of the Wildcard Series, bringing UNO! Mobile’s uniquely accessible esports with wildly unpredictable fun to more players! The exclusive 2v2 format in UNO! Mobile saw phenomenal success in our All-Stars showmatch. The gameplay will definitely provide more team strategies and unpredictable turns and twists in UNO battles. I can’t wait to see our community to team up, strategize and demonstrate their top UNO skills!”

Prospective teams can sign up for the Duos Invitational at UNO! Mobile’s official web page from May 12-29 here.

Are you excited about the upcoming UNO Mobile Wildcard Series Duos Invitational? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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