Wild Rift Esports Roadmap revealed Regional and World Championship for 2021

2021 Going to be a big year for Wild Rift fans

Earlier in January, Riot had informed that the Wild Rift Esports would kick off this year and more information on the same would be revealed later this year. Today, Riot Games Esports Media Preview revealed a detailed schedule of the upcoming competitions. Among them, the fans were presented with a brief of the Wild Rift Esports Roadmap 2021 which includes Regional Championships and a Global Championship by the Q4 2021.

Wild Rift Esports Roadmap 2021

Leo Farias, the Global Head of Wild Rift esports answered some of the most heated discussions of the Wild Rift community.

Wild Rift regional championships

wild rift regional championships, wild rift esports

According to Leo Farias, many regions will be kicking off this June, as they saw tons of teams announcing their roster, with expectation to bigger names putting their teams out once the scenario is propperly released.

Wild Rift community/local events

Wild rift community event, wild rift third party events

For an upcoming storm of championships, Riot also announced its own launch of guidelines next month to help hosts and promoters on this task. Community-driven championships are the ones found in events such as comic-cons, Lan House events, and eventually events held by organizations worth points for regional qualification, which by itself will boost the team into the higher tiers, and from there the access to international competitions.

Wild Rift as a new esport

wild rift esport, wild rift esports roadmap 2021

John Needham, Global Heads of Sports from Riot says that as League heads into its 11th anniversary, they have gathered a lot of experience. For Wild Rift, players can expect the creation of an esport that is exciting to play and watch and available on the go. For anyone to be able to play anywhere.

When will Wild Rift regional championships begin

For those already calling your friends to see if they are up to some competitions, the events are expected to begin this summer. Probably following previous formats as well as TFT and LoR, the championships will probably be held in regional open qualifier formats, with the best heading each other off until reaching the top of the ladder, going into the international championship.

What are your thoughts on Riot Games’ Wild Rift esports roadmap 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

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