Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022 Finals to be held in Singapore

The world to watch Wild Rift like never before!

The first world championship of Wild Rift, the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022 Finals will be held in Singapore. Scheduled to start on the 14th of June, 2022 to end on July 9, 2022, the event will feature the best teams and players from several corners of the world. Earlier, the tournament finals were announced to be held in Madrid, Spain. Besides, Riot Games also confirmed that a total of 24 teams will battle for the title of the world’s top Wild Rift team. However, the format is yet to be revealed.

Earlier, it was announced that the finals will be held in Europe. Due to issues regarding the approval of visa applications, which have got complicated due to the global pandemic, Riot Games have decided to shift the venue to Singapore. This has made every situation smooth for all the teams, who can seamlessly travel and their experience at the first Global Championship will be highly enriched.

Icons Global Championship 2022: Slots allocation for the eight regions

The regional events of Wild Rift Esports are now running in a full swing. 24 teams will get to join the biggest show of Wild Rift Esports in the summer. The event is divided into play-ins and the playoffs or finals. Eight regional champions will directly participate in the main stage, while the rest 16 have to go through the play-ins stage. The distribution for each region is as follows:

Wild Rift League (WRL)4
Wild Rift Champions SEA (WCS)4
Wild Tour Brazil (WBR)3
Wild Rift Open Latin America (WOL)3
Wild Rift EMEA Championship (WEC)3
Wild Rift Champions Korea (WCK)3
Wild Rift North America Series (WNS)2
Wild Rift Japan Cup (WJC)2

Previously, Riot arranged a global event named the Horizon Cup in 2021. The event was thought to be the first global championship which turned out not. Later, Riot said that it was a ‘kick-off’ event before the Global Championship. Da Kun Gaming was the winner of that event. It is time to watch which team sits on the throne of the first Icons Global Championship.

Schedule and Venue

  • Play-Ins: June 14-18
  • Groups: June 21-25
  • Quarterfinals: July 1-2
  • Semifinals: July 5-6
  • Finals: July 9

The finals will be taking place at the Suntec Singapore, where the finalists will face off to be the champion of the world, in the ultimate battle of Wild Rift!

Considering the year-finale events for other esports titles, Wild Rift is a lot faster to organize the global championship. Leo Faria, the global head of ESports for Wild Rift at Riot Games, upholds the reason. “That’s something we’re really excited about because we can get the team who works on the League of Legends World Championship and have them also work on Icons and on Valorant Champions. So, the idea of having teams of that calibre working across all of our shows is really important for us to maintain the quality and hit the bar that we want to hit,” Faria said.

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