Amihan Esports reigns supreme as Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Phillippines Summer Season Champions

The dark horses are the champions!

Amihan Esports, the dark horse of the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Phillippines Summer Season 2021, has channeled the winds to storm against all odds and win the championship against Team Secret in a best-of-5 series, ending in a close 3-2 score. Not a known esports team compared to the teams they played within their region, Amihan Esports was able to make back-to-back upsets, beating big teams like Liyab Esports, NXP, and Team Secret to claim the title as Grand Champions of Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Phillippines Summer Season.

Both the finalists – Amihan Esports and Team Secret will now represent the Philippines at the upcoming Southeast Asia Icon Series 2021: Summer Super Cup, where they will compete against top players from other SEA regions. Moreover, Amihan Esports won almost $8,500 for winning the championship, while Team Secret took home nearly $6,500 for their performance. Let’s take a closer look on how they were able to silently climb the brackets and eventually surprise the Wild Rift community.

Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Phillippines Summer Season Finals: As it happened

To sum it all up, the games ended up in an extremely close 3-2 score yet highly one-sided game on Game 5 in favor of Amihan Esports to finally conclude the championship. As usual, Team Secret showcased their top-notch drafting putting up highly unpredictable drafts and flexible champions to confuse their opponent team, Amihan Esports.

Moreover, Team Secret kept their picks as small as possible, which Amihan Esports took advantage of. They realized that Team Secret was going for, and was prepared. But let’s be real, that was not all that won Amihan Esports the championship, it was their rotations.

Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Phillippines Summer Season champions
Team Secret vs Amihan Esports in the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Phillippines Summer Season Finals

Amihan Esports took the word “storm” into their playstyle and kept rotating around the map as if the wind was pushing them again and again. All over the tournament, they were putting up 4 members across the map and made good of numbers advantage to secure turrets and vision, get objectives and win games.

Also, they made some big-gut plays all over the tournament as well such as 50-50 baron plays and backdoors which, fortunately, went their way. Finally, they were not scared at all to face these big teams but psyched even.

About Amihan Esports roster for Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Phillippines Summer Season

Considering the toughness of this championship, nobody saw Amihan Esports winning the championship at the start, especially with very dominant teams like Smart Omega, Nexplay Esports, Team Secret, and Liyab Esports participating in the tournament. However, Amihan Esports played it cool and silent just like how their team name, Amihan emphasizes. Before we move on to their incredible journey in this tournament, let’s get to know about the champions’ roster!

1. AMI Karlll

He is arguably one of the best baron laners in the tournament. When you thought NXP Arisen’s or even, TS Azar’s Akali was the best, he showcased his Akali in the Grand Finals by styling on the Team Secret squad to lead them consecutive wins.

That’s not all, his champion pool is filled with more mechanical champions as well such as Fiora, and Darius simpler champions like Garen and Renekton. He may not have the ocean champion pool that other players have, but a small pool of champions he’s experienced and mechanically mastered to switch within the tournament was enough. His playstyle features his smooth and intense mechanics, which both shine in handling the sidelanes and team fights.

2. AMI Jelson

He may seem like your common jungler, but turns out, he outshines other junglers by his immense synergy with his team to make the craziest and most bizarre rotations you’ll see. From lane ganks, unexpected gank angles, and great use of numbers advantage, he rises above his competition.

His champion pool is your typical pro players champion pool with meta champions like Lee Sin, Rengar, and Vi. You will not see him playing AP junglers, but it’s for his other teammates to address. Finally, if you look at his stats, you’ll see him MVP in most of his games because of one thing only, Teamfight Participation. Jelson is all about rotations, ganks, and team fights, and he does it pretty amazing.

Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Phillippines Summer Season champions
Amihan Esports’ roster for Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Phillippines Summer

3. AMI Mitsuha

Now, talking about his champion pool, it’s a whole ocean. He has the most bizarre picks and widest champion pool in the tournament. If his teammates stick to 3 to 5 champions in the whole tournament, he almost picks a different champion every single game.

From mages like Orianna and Ziggs to bruisers in the mid-lane like Darius and Garen, to melee mages like Gragas and Galio, you can find everyone. You name a champion, he can probably play it. It’s one of his signature traits, and in fact, a highly important key in Amihan Esports, winning the championship. Flexibility is Mitsuha’s game.

4. AMI Demon

The team’s carry, Demon is also a key member for them to win the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Phillippines Summer. He’s easily one of the most consistent ADCs in the tournament and has a decent champion pool as well. He can play heavy carry champions like Kai’Sa, Xayah, and Ezreal, and at the same time play chill, front-to-back champions like Corki and Varus.

But yes, his consistency is his best trait. But let’s not ignore his extremely efficient positioning and macro game to avoid deaths as much as possible. Consistency, positioning and macro, that is all that Demon needs to win them the championship. Simple but deadly!

5. AMI Orthros

Finally, their captain, Orthros, is a lowkey player one of the best supports to perform in this Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Phillippines Summer season’s playoffs. He may not be as significant on the group stages, but he sure stepped up when it was needed. His champion pool is very cancerous playing broken supports like Janna and Galio when it’s possible.

But it’s reasonably so if you’re looking forward to winning a championship. Moreover, his pool is pretty flexible as well, he can play tanks like Alistar and Braum, and initiators like Rakan, and other more balanced utility mages. He may not have a champion pool as big as TS Hamez, but he sure does his job as good, or maybe even better.

Final Thoughts

Amihan Esports has made their mark as now, one of the strongest teams in the Philippines or maybe the World. But they are yet to prove it in the upcoming Southeast Asia Icon Series 2021: Summer Super Cup where they will be competing against the best teams in the Southeast Asian region. A turbulent storm of Amihan Esports has wrecked their competitions in the Philippines which is now expected to follow in the upcoming Wild Rift tournaments.

What are your opinions on Amihan Esports becoming the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Phillippines – Summer Season Finals champions? Let us know in the comment section below!

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