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AFK Arena Event: How to beat Ice Shemira in Midwinter Festivities

Winter has arrived in Esperia and thus bringing in new challenges for our heroes, but also festivities and fun activities within their realms. One of the challenges in AFK Arena is to defeat Ice Shemira to receive the five keys and obtain new riches. But she isn’t easy as it seems, she has magic skills to make it harder for the champions. But fret not, we’re here to help you get them.

Frigid air blows down over the lofty mountaintops and crash on the shivering lowlands like an avalanche. The winds howl the song of the Frozen Mother. Winter has arrived.

Gretel Hawke, A Dwarven Hunting Journal

The Event to fight Ice Shemira

AFK Arena Glacial Key description

You have 10 days to fight against Ice Shemira and to defeat her. Do refer to the timer displayed in the event menu of the game. Each day you can obtain up to 5 keys, so a total of 50. With those keys, you can unlock squares in the Midwinter Surprises. One level has 36 squares, meaning if you are able to obtain 50 keys, you will get a guaranteed Elite hero.

But how do I beat Ice Shemira?

Ice Shemira’s strength is determined by the player’s own combat rating. A lot of people have also complained, that the algorithm for this is bugged because many are unable to get 5 keys. We’re hoping for a fix to that. And like last time, you are able to repeat a battle, if the outcome isn’t the one you wanted! So experiment away.

Ice Shemira Skills

  • Blizzard: Ice Shemira summons snowfall 10 seconds into the battle which falls heavier every 20 seconds. While there is light snowfall, all of her enemies will be unable to recover any health. While there is heavy snowfall, her enemies will also be dealt periodic damage. Each time Shemira summons snowfall or increases the severity of the snowfall she will receive a layer of frost armor which, when active is immune to all damage that is lower than 30% its total value.
  • Glacial Beam: Ice Shemira prioritizes her attacks against two frontline enemies, channelling her glacial beams to deal multiple instances of damage over time to the enemies. The glacial beams also possess a freezing quality which stacks over time, reducing the enemies’ Haste.
  • Frost Nova: Ice Shemira creates an expanding shockwave of ice that damages all enemies. Enemies that possess less than 50% of their max health will become frozen.

Best Team Formation

This is the best team formation most people are suggesting to use and are able to win.

afk arena best team for ice shemira

Lucius with Dura’s Grace or Dura’s Vitality
Shemira with Dura’s Blade
Belinda or Elija & Lailah with Dura’s Conviction
Rowan with Dura’s Call
Rosaline with Dura’s Eye

Make sure that Rosaline is following Shemira! She is the key to support her with extra energy. Shemira has a very strong ultimate, making it a breeze for you then.

Don’t forget to put Rowan in the middle back row for maximum coverage, and Rosaline behind Shemira.

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Midwinter Feast?

Cherish the moment when all Esperians comes together, to enjoy the most exquisite food there is to offer. The Midwinter Feast has begun.

Gretel Hawke, Esperian Delights

This is another event that will arrive once Ice Shemira has been defeated… In other words, after the event of Ice Shemira has concluded, Midwinter Feast will start. From the description, it sounds like it will be a guild event. Don’t forget to join one before that! It requires at least 10 guild members to participate.

Be sure to check out the lore of the festivities as well!

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