Against War: The Complete Spell Lab Guide and Tips

Learn everything about Spell Lab!

Against War is a game with a lot of diverse features accumulated into a single masterpiece that serves the best possible strategies for the players. The game has so many different elements in itself that serve the purpose to upgrade every aspect of the game and thus players can make up a great deck of cards along with the strongest sets of castles, castle walls, guards, and a commander to defend against the heavy attacks. Thus, for the time being, let’s dig into the Spell Lab in Against War and know more about it.

Understanding the Algorithm of Spell Lab

Spell Lab is the place where players can unlock Spells and thus later craft them with the help of resources such as Food, Gold Bars, Wood, Stone, and Irons. Players can even upgrade the Spells with a certain amount of Gold. But at first, players must keep upgrading the Spell Lab section from the Workshop area so that they can unlock Spells certainly.

Against War Spell Lab
Image via Asobimo

Spells are one of the most important parts of your deck and thus players must keep an eye on them. This allows players to go for long-ranged attacks and thus this will help to come up with heavy attacks over the walls of the opponent. There are a few easy steps by following which players can thus unlock Spells and craft them as well. The following are the steps:

How to Unlock Spells in Against War

  • Go to Workshop and Tap on Spell Lab.
  • Under the Spell Lab option, check for the required amount of resources. If it is fulfilled then tap on the Apply option.

This will help out players to level up the Spell Lab and unlock more Spells for the players.

How to Craft Spells in Against War

Against War Spell Lab
Image via Asobimo
  • Go to the Spell Lab section and tap on the desired spell you want to craft for your deck. 
  • Check for the desired amount of Gold required and then tap on the Craft option. 

This will help out players to craft the best sets of spells for themselves and then they can add them to their deck. 

Final Thoughts

Spells are one of the most important aspects in Against War and thus players must focus on this entity as this can come up as the biggest game changer in between a match. Follow up the guide and help yourself to unlock and craft the best sets of spells and use them on the battlefield. 

What are your thoughts on our Against War Spell Lab Guide? Let us know in the comment section below!

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