Against War: The Complete Workshop Guide and Tips

Master the art of Craftin with ease!

Against War has many important features a player can find out in the game. Every feature holds a motive and thus also has the factor that helps them to progress further into the game. Such is a place called Workshop in the game, this section holds the most anticipated power to progress further and build a strong kingdom for the players in the game. There are so many elements present in this section that beginners need to know about in depth. Thus, let us go deep into the section of Workshop with this guide and know how it can help our players to reach these heights in Against War. 

List of Elements present in the Workshop and their uses

The workshop section has so many subsections under itself and thus all of these subsections have the capability of different aspects to improvise them and make the kingdom much more powerful. Following are the elements of the Workshop and the description of the aspect they come up with the most impact:

1. Guild 

Guild is the section that is also known as Clan, players can thus join a clan and play with other players as well by staying under a single roof. Unfortunately, for now, Guild is yet to release and players can witness the workings of Guild soon in the future. 

2. Workshop

The Workshop is mainly the entity that helps out players to craft several things so that they can become much stronger than before. The most important of them are Spells and Troops. For crafting Spells, there is Spell Lab under Workshop where players can easily unlock several Spells gradually when they upgrade their Spell Lab and can easily craft them through there. 

Against War Beginners Guide
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The Recruiting section is the place that improvises the sets of cards that players are going to summon. If the players upgrade it daily properly then the chances of summoning the best cards of the game increase eventually. 

3. Command

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The Command is the section that manages the Deck and the Commander of the walls. Players must upgrade this section so that they can increase the number of cards they can keep in their deck of cards. It also helps to upgrade the Commander of the kingdom who is considered one of the main characters while fighting. 

4. Castle

Castle is the most important building which must be focused on by the players and should be prioritized the most. The Castle has two main aspects under itself, Castle Wall and Castle Guards. Players must upgrade them after a regular interval of time because these are the main buildings and the protectors of the castle respectively which will help the players to deal with heavy damages during a battle.

Final Thoughts 

The workshop is the most important place in the game and players must focus a lot on this. Players must play matches and gather resources such as Gold Bars, Food, Wood, Stone, and Iron so that they can utilize them in upgrading all the important elements of the Workshop and make a valuable and strong kingdom. 

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