Dynasty Warriors M Beginners Guide and Tips

Experience heroic action full of the high spirit of battles

Step into the exhilarating realm of Dynasty Warriors M, brought to you by NEXON Company and KOEI TECMO, This game marks an exciting evolution of the Dynasty Warriors series, blending action, strategy, and ancient history for an epic adventure. Our Dynasty Warriors M Beginners Guide is here to provide you with the basics and strategies to help you navigate the game smoothly and embark on a rewarding and exciting journey in Dynasty Warriors M.

Prepare for an epic journey as you collect and nurture 50 Officers from 5 unique factions, each wielding the mighty Musou ability. Across 13 expansive regions and 520 stages, recruit from a pool of 50 officers, setting the stage for intense battles and an adventure.

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Dynasty Warriors M Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics


In battle, controlling your character is done through on-screen buttons. You can bring up to three characters to battle in Dynasty Warriors M and switch between them by tapping their faces on the left side of the screen. The joystick on the left handles movement, while the right side hosts various abilities. Tapping the main button initiates basic attacks, with successive taps creating combos.

Dynasty Warriors M Controls
Image via NEXON Company

Surrounding this button are others for skill attacks and elemental abilities. Each has a cooldown after use, so timing matters. When you gather enough energy, a golden icon appears for the ultimate Musou attack, unique to each character and inflicting massive damage.


It’s essential to consider elemental types during combat. Each officer has an element, and defeating these formidable enemies with large health bars is essential. If your character’s element is strong against the officer’s, their attacks are weakened. But if your character’s element is weak against the officers, their attacks become stronger, making winning tougher.

Dynasty Warriors M Elements
Image via NEXON Company

Beating them allows you to progress and complete the battle. In certain battles, your whole team fights simultaneously. The character you’re not controlling is controlled by the computer, aiding in the battle’s chaos. Utilize officers with advantageous elements to inflict more damage.

Upgrading Characters

As you advance, it’s vital to strengthen your characters and equip them with better weapons. Upgrading your warriors boosts their battlefield effectiveness, improving skills, and unlocking fresh abilities. You need exp and gold to train them to the next level. Each character has a level cap, with higher rarity characters having a higher cap.

Dynasty Warriors M Officer Upgrade
Image via NEXON Company

Leveling up not only raises the character’s level cap but also increases most of their stats, enhancing their effectiveness in battles. Equipping characters with good equipment, utilizing tactics for permanent buffs, and obtaining new weapons is crucial for strengthening your warriors and enhancing combat abilities as you progress. Tailoring your warriors to match your preferred playstyle is key to success on the battlefield.

Empire Building

In Dynasty Warriors M, besides battling, you’ll engage in civilization-building tasks. Initially, your kingdom faces damage from bandit attacks, requiring you to rebuild from scratch. This includes reconstructing buildings and fortifying your kingdom’s strength.

Your territory serves as the central hub of your power and strategy. Each building within it contributes to its growth and upgrades. Elevating the territory level unlocks new features and promotions, advancing your empire.

Dynasty Warriors M Building Upgrade
Image via NEXON Company

Understanding building attributes like solidity, livability, armament, and luck significantly impacts your generals’ capabilities, offering bonuses in defense, penetration, critical strikes, and riot resistance. As your territory thrives, it attracts new characters and unveils interactive plots, creating a vibrant community within the turmoil of the Three Kingdoms.

The construction process is straightforward: tap your castle and access ‘construction.’ Here, you’ll find available structures and their required resources. Some buildings have prerequisites, like constructing a storehouse before the sawmill, quarry, and forge become available. This rebuilding process presents opportunities to make your kingdom even stronger than before.

List of Game Modes in Dynasty Warriors M

1. Story Mode

In the Story mode, you venture through different chapters experiencing Dynasty Warriors M’s captivating narrative. Each chapter contains multiple stages presenting challenges across three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Chaos. Progression to new stages relies on completing the previous ones, allowing access to the next stages within the chapter.

Dynasty Warriors M Story Mode
Image via NEXON Company

Completing the last stage of a chapter leads to the next, continuing the storyline. The Story mode doesn’t use resources, letting players explore uninterrupted. While Force Breakthrough isn’t an option, auto mode helps by automatically advancing through stages, making gameplay smoother without losing the engaging storyline.

2. Conquest Mode

In Conquest mode, you raid rival kingdoms, battling their soldiers and officers to acquire valuable resources and gain control of these territories. Each conquest adds to your expanding list of conquered kingdoms. Moving from one conquered kingdom to another within a region is as simple as tapping on it in the conquest map.

Dynasty Warriors M Conquest Mode
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Conquering all kingdoms in a region unlocks access to new regions, enabling you to expand your influence throughout the Dynasty World. This mode serves as a gateway to unlocking diverse aspects of the game, providing fresh and engaging experiences as you progress.

Dynasty Warriors M Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Upgrade and Equip your Characters

Focus on upgrading characters and equipping them with superior weapons. Enhanced warriors perform better in battles and unlock new abilities, crucial for success. Strengthen your characters strategically to improve their combat prowess, enhancing their performance on the battlefield.

2. Know your Characters well

Learn the special skills and weapon strengths of your characters in Dynasty Warriors M to fight better. Different characters are good at different things, like dealing with lots of enemies or focusing on one. Try different characters to find what works best for you in battles.

3. Upgrade your Buildings Strategically

Prioritize upgrading key buildings in your territory to boost your generals’ attributes and accelerate resource production. This fortifies your empire and enhances your combat capabilities. Certain buildings offer bonus effects, including resource production and attribute bonuses. Upgrading them is a strategic move for amassing resources and fortifying combat power.

4. Manage your Resources efficiently

Efficiently manage your in-game resources by prioritizing upgrades for buildings, equipment, and officer enhancements. Focus on structures that align with your playstyle and goals, and invest in equipment upgrades to bolster your officers’ combat abilities. Balanced resource allocation ensures a well-rounded progression, empowering your forces for greater success on the battlefield.

5. Advance in Conquest

Maximize your loot production by advancing through stages in Conquest mode. Each completed stage contributes to increased automatic loot production, allowing for a steady accumulation of resources over time. Prioritize territories that offer valuable resources and rewards to aid in kingdom expansion.

Final Thoughts

In Dynasty Warriors M, every battle, upgrade, and conquest shape your journey through the Three Kingdoms era. By mastering combat mechanics, wisely managing resources, and exploring various game modes, you can truly immerse yourself in this dynamic world.

Experiment with characters, enhance your territory and strategize your conquests to carve your path to victory. With these tips and insights, embark on a thrilling adventure where history, strategy, and action converge, allowing you to experience the essence of the legendary Three Kingdoms era in a whole new light.

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