Dynasty Warriors M Character Tier List for May 2024

Know the top Officers!

Unsure which officers to rely on in your Dynasty Warriors M conquests? This thrilling mix of action and strategy game by NEXON Company features an array of officers, each armed with unique strengths. Dive into battles across 13 regions and 520 stages alongside these officers. Our Dynasty Warriors M Character Tier List is here to lend a helping hand, offering insights into the best characters to bolster your strategies and dominate the battlefield.

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Dynasty Warriors M Officer Tier List for May 2024: Best Officers Ranked

For a clearer understanding, we’ve arranged officers into three distinct tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B), giving you a comprehensive view of their abilities and strengths to assist you in making informed decisions during gameplay.

Strong (S)Lu Bu,
Dong Bai,
Guan Yinping,
Xiahou Dun,
Zhao Yun,
Wang Yi,
Lu Lingqi,
Zhang Liao,
Sun Shangxiang,
Cao Ren,
Yuan Shao,
Knight Guan Yinping
Good (A)Zhou Tai,
Xu Huang,
Cheng Pu,
Wang Yuanji,
Cao Cao,
Sun Quan,
Xu Zhu,
Dong Zhuo,
Zhuge Liang,
Xin Xianying,
Zhou Yu,
Liu Bei,
Guan Yu,
Zhang Chunhua,
Zhang Fei,
Sun Jian,
Sima Yi,
Guan Ping,
Hua Xiong,
Guan Xing,
Zhang Jiao,
Average (B)Yuan Shu,
Li Dian,
Cao Xiu,
Jia Xu,
Han Dang,
Ding Feng,
Guo Huai,
Zhou Cang,
Liu Shan,
Zhuge Dan,
Xun You,
Taishi Ci

Best Officers in Dynasty Warriors M for May 2024

1. Lu Bu

Lu Bu, the Demon General, stands as an exceptional force in Dynasty Warriors M for various reasons. His sheer strength and versatility in combat make him a standout officer on the battlefield. What truly sets him apart is his ability to reset skill cooldowns when faced with considerable damage, not only keeping him in the fight but also strengthening his attacks. This unique trait allows for fluid and relentless combo chains, turning the tide of battles in your favor.

Dynasty Warriors M, Tier List, Lu Bu
Image via NEXON Company

Moreover, Lu Bu’s adeptness isn’t confined to offense alone; his self-healing abilities coupled with potent offensive debuffs make him a well-rounded choice for conquering adversaries. His prowess isn’t just in his power but in the strategic advantage he brings to any confrontation, making him a prized asset for any warrior aiming for victory.

2. Dong Bai

Dong Bai stands out as one of the finest officers in Dynasty Warriors M because of her formidable prowess on the battlefield. Possessing a blend of willfulness and cruelty, she wields a potent set of debuffs, diminishing enemy strengths by reducing their ATK, Guard Regen, Crit Resist, and more. Her attribute of Intelligence and affiliation with Poison amplifies her impact, especially with an Inherent Tactic that bolsters allies’ attacks against poisoned units.

Dynasty Warriors M, Tier List, Dong Bai
Image via NEXON Company

In battles, she becomes a strategic cornerstone, manipulating the field to favor her allies and ensuring a significant advantage in combat. Her abilities not only complement her lineage but also make her an invaluable asset, reinforcing her position as one of the game’s standout officers.

3. Zhao Yun

Zhao Yun, one of the Five Tiger Generals of Shu, embodies the spirit of a young dragon within Dynasty Warriors M. His prowess with the element of Wind and his ability to unleash devastating elemental damage, employing a skillful array of critical-oriented buffs and bypassing enemy defenses with remarkable finesse.

Dynasty Warriors M, Tier List, Zhao Yun
Image via NEXON Company

His strategic skills and combat finesse make him a valued and powerful ally, solidifying his position among the game’s best officers.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up our Character Tier List for Dynasty Warriors M, it’s important to note that each officer brings unique strengths to the battlefield. While these tiers provide guidance, personal playstyle, and strategy should dictate your choices. Experiment with different officers, explore their abilities and find the ones that resonate best with your gameplay. Remember, the tiers are guidelines, not strict rules, so enjoy the diverse experience each officer offers and tailor your conquests to your preferences.

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