Among Us: 10 Best Outfits and skin combos to surprise your friends

Pick the one which suits you the best!

Among Us offers a wide range of different cosmetics which you can equip to standout in your lobby and win the game in style. To make this work even better, you can combine different cosmetics to create a fresh, new outfit. Here are 10 Best Outfits and skin combos you can try out in Among Us.

Best Outfits and skin combos in Among Us

The Doctor

Among Us best outfits
  • Hat: Stethoscope
  • Skin: Scientist robe

The classic medic slightly fits into the theme of Among Us as well. You’ll be the one expected to look out for any dead bodies! To add the finishing touch onto this skin, add Dr. before your name, to give you more like a doctor’s status.

Army General

Among Us best outfits
  • Hat: Military cap
  • Skin: General suit

An army general arrives on the scene of Among Us! Use this outfit to prove to others that you know what you’re doing. Moreover, the colors of the hat and the skin link together perfectly, which makes this even more appealing. Similar to the Doctor outfit, you could add something like General or Lieutenant before your nickname to add that finishing touch.


Among Us best skins
  • Hat: Chef’s hat
  • Skin: White suit

The chef of the ship somehow got himself tangled up in a murder situation, or could his knife be hidden in the long hat upon his head? Either way, the bright colors will be sure to live up the scene a little on the Among Us airship. Having the skin color as white would be a good idea as well as this would accompany well with the other outfit colors.

Santa Claus

  • Hat: Santa’s hat
  • Skin: Santa’s suit
  • Skin color: Red

This bundle was available for a limited time during the Christmas holidays in Among Us. If you managed to pick it up, you’ll be quite fortunate as this is currently not available to purchase anywhere. It is a very rare outfit for at least another year so you are sure to be quite popular if you rock this in your matches.

The Devil

Among Us best skins
  • Hat: Devil Horn
  • Skin: Black Suit
  • Skin color: Red

This is one of those costumes which fit perfectly if you’re the impostor. You’ll be the kind of person other players will look to stay away from, even if you’re innocent. Good luck bringing hell upon the Among Us ship!

Friday the 13th

Among Us best skins
  • Hat: Hockey mask
  • Skin: Grey overalls

This is another outfit best suited to a dangerous killer. If you’ve heard of Friday the 13th (a.k.a Jason Vooorhees), then you’ll be aware of the kind of guy this is. Stick your nickname as this as well for the extra touch.

Ship Captain

Among Us best outfits
  • Hat: Captain cap
  • Suit: White Captain suit
  • Skin color: White

Every ship needs a captain, even the Among Us ship. Pick this outfit to prove to your lobby that you’re the one in charge among all!

Happy Birthday!

Among Us best outfits
  • Hat: Party hat

This is a group outfit, best used on special occasions such as a birthday party! If you’re with a group of in-game friends, and one of you just grew a year older, pop on a party heart as a way of saying Happy Birthday!

The Mastermind

  • Hat: White/Black Top hat
  • Suit: White/Black tuxedo
  • Skin color: White/Black

This outfit will make you look like an underworld supervillain, secretly taking out each of the crew-members as impostors. This is a perfect fit if you are looking to play some tricks on your friends in the match.

Triple Crew

Among Us best outfits
  • Hat: Mini crewmate
  • Pet: Mini crewmate

Cuteness alert! How about being 3 characters at a time? With the mini crew-mate headgear and one as a pet, you’ll look like a parent with 2 children as you navigate through the ship alongside your offspring.

That is all about the 10 best outfits in that you can try out in Among Us. Pick the one which suits your interests best.

Let us know what you think about these 10 Best Outfits and skin combos in Among Us? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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