Among Us Guide: Tips to win the game as an Imposter

The best tips to win you games!

Among Us is an Online Multiplayer Social Deduction game developed by Innersloth. It was released on the app store on June 15, 2018. The popularity of the game is now at an all-time high, as players have found themselves hooked into this entertaining Action game. The game takes place in a spacecraft with a maximum of 10 players. The game decides to put the players in the two predefined roles. Max players are crewmates and few are imposters. It is always the crewmates’ task to identify the imposter, where the latter will try to kill and sabotage his way to the win. In this article, we will guide you on how you can win the game as an Imposter on Among Us.

What is Imposter in Among Us

An imposter is one of the players inside the lobby, assigned to covertly sabotage and kill the enemy. The imposter is no different from other crewmates and is impossible to figure out unless caught red-handed. Apart from the crewmates, an imposter has some extra abilities.

among us how to win as imposter
Among Us Guide: The imposter in-game

The objective of the crewmate is to figure out the imposter among them and complete the assigned task simultaneously. The imposter has to sabotage and kill all the crewmates. So, our target is to win as an imposter in Among Us, and the below guide and steps will tell you how.

Tips to become a good Imposter and win games

1. Eliminating the smart one

Starting with the Imposter guide, we always advise you to eliminate the best of the lot. You will find it often, where one of the crewmates is a very good observer and cunning than the rest. A smart crew member is always a headache for the imposter, as they always keep an eye on you. These players can easily identify the imposter by which you can’t complete your objectives.

The best way to clear your tracks is by kicking them off. You can falsely accuse them or frame them for the murder of one of the members.

2. Keep an eye on the camera

Always notice the camera before you start murdering. The cameras are located on the corners of the wall, there might be a chance where the crewmates by checking the cameras in the security section.

You might get caught while killing someone or venting. But, there’s a way to identify whether they are looking at you or not. Notice the camera, if there’s a red light blinking, then someone’s watching you and you have to back off.

3. Utilize the Sabotage option wisely

Play clever to win as an imposter. Always try to interrupt the crew member’s tasks by switching off the lights, breaking the reactor, depleting the O2 level, sealing the door, etc. By doing this you can get a chance for wiping out a crew member. Also, the sabotaged section has a time limit, where it needs to be repaired on time. Failing to do so will guarantee you a victory.

4. Keeping yourself engaged

A clever crew member will always look for a player who is randomly moving and idle. By this, you can be easily marked as a suspect. In order to avoid this activity as if you are completing tasks. Try to avoid gatherings you may get caught for doing fake tasks.

Find a suitable place for carrying fake tasks and if you get an opportunity go for a kill.

5. Be careful while using the vents

No doubt this is the best way to escape from getting caught. Always look around before getting in and out of the vent. Someone might notice you venting and you will surely be thrown out.

Try to avoid the use of vents as much as possible. (Depends upon the map being played). Never stay inside the vent for too long. It also creates suspicion in crew member’s minds if you move faster from one room to another and there’s a good possibility that you might get caught in cameras while venting.

among us imposter guide

6. Keeping track of other members

As an Imposter you must keep an eye on the movement of the crew members, this will help you in securing kills if you find out someone alone. Not only for kills, but it will also make you look less suspicious as the other crew members find you active and you stay in sight. It will also help you in framing others as you were present at the sight of the murder.

7. Creative Killing

This one needs a good map awareness and a bit of faster hands. A good Imposter will always look for the location of other members and will try to secure a kill from the lonely one. For example, if everyone’s near comms. And one member is in medbay or cafe, then tries to sabotage comms. And shut the doors so that the members get busy in fixing the comms and you carry out the murder and vent near to the comms so that no one suspects you.

8. Keeping track of the task bar

Remember to look at the task completion bar, if it gets full then you will lose. Your aim is to sabotage or wipe out the crew members before the taskbar is full. Keep in mind that the ghosts can also complete their leftover task which contributes to the completion bar.

9. Self Reporting and avoiding Suspicion

This one could be the hardest part of being an Impostor. Report the dead body by yourself if you can confidently lie and frame others for this. If you are opting for this method then never panic. Just be confident about your lie. Another way around is to kill someone in front of another crew member and lie in such a way that the rest member believes in your lie. But in order to use this method, you need 3 members, because if you frame someone else with your lie and he isn’t the imposter then you would get kicked out the next moment.

Some bonus tips and tricks while playing as an Imposter

Here are some bonus extra tips for you if you are playing as the imposter. These tips should guide you into making intelligent killings as the imposter in Among Us.

  1. Never kill near Cafeteria, Admin, and Hallway, because these places are usually busy so there is a higher chance of being spotted.
  2. Kill when people are clumped up in the same place and report at once, this makes it harder to identify the imposter.
  3. Remember to sabotage the lights when there are 3 persons remaining, its a guaranteed win.
  4. Use the view in the admin room to figure out the number of crew members inside a room.
  5. Use sabotage to reduce the cooldown of the kill.
  6. Never panic and participate in the chat of emergency meetings.
  7. If you’re playing double or triple imposter, then seek an alibi.
  8. Never kill when someone has seen you enter the area.

Did you find the Among Us Guide and tips to win games while playing the Imposter helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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