Among Us Guide: Tips and Tricks for figuring out the Imposter

Find out the Imposter before he outlives the lot!

You are sitting in a classroom, or a canteen, or an auditorium and getting super bored. And a random friend ping in a group chat saying, “Guys!! let’s play ‘Among Us’”. Next thing you know an hour is passed without even knowing. Among us is the super cool multiplayer game that can be played over a public server or a private one. If you do not know what it means, then it’s like you can make a small group online and can ask your friends to join the same group. If you are alone, you can join several open groups online. Let’s look at some quick tips in this Among Us Guide to provide you the maximum fun online.

Gameplay Overview

It is a typical Guess the Culprit game. A bunch of cute looking players is left to wonder is a fun map with several mini targets and mini-games. While all players are responsible to complete the given tasks, there is one among us who is an imposter. The imposter has the power to kill the other players. If the crewmate finishes their task, they win. If the imposter beat all the others or manage to live till the end, the imposter wins. And that’s how the fun begins.

A minimum of 4 to a maximum of 10 players are needed to play the game. If all friends want to play, then they have to be on common Wi-Fi. If you are the host, you can determine who you want to play with, the map, you can even create a public room or a private one (request based) as per your preference. Being the host you can decide on a variety of features like walk speed, number of tasks, and an even number of imposters. If an annoying player online joins in a public room, the host holds the right to kick them out.

All the crew members start from the take-off area where they can play with their appearances. Each player must carry a unique color for ease of communication (basically pointing out the imposter). Then they are thrown in the play area to wander around either as crewmates or imposters.

Complete the tasks in hand

As a Crewmate

Among Us Guide Crewmate

The innocent ones but with a task at hand. All players can access the site map for the various locations to figure out where they need to perform the tasks given. As a crewmate you have the following duties:

  • Complete tasks to win immediately
  • React to Imposter sabotage by reporting it
  • Guess and Vote out the possible imposter

Crewmates also have options for admin maps and live security footage to check suspicious activities.

As the Imposter

Among Us Guide Imposter

Just blend in the crew, find dark corners and as a crewmate arrive, sabotage him. Imposters can escape through the vents. They can pretend to complete a task and carry out murders all around. All you must ensure is that no one watches you doing the dirty deed.

The communication and vote outs

While playing the game, no one can talk so that one being killed could not reveal the killer’s identity. Once dead, the player haunts the game as a soul can still perform the tasks. As soon as the dead body is reported by other crewmates, the living crew returns to the lobby area to question each other.

All the living players are given one vote to eliminate the suspect. Crewmates can skip the vote if they are not sure. The crewmate with the max vote is thrown out, if the chosen one is the imposter the crew wins. If not, the game continues. While all this happens, dead players (or ghosts) can only listen and read but cannot express.

Beware: The Imposter will only try to put the blame on crewmates to survive longer.

Among Us Tips and Tricks

Here are some advanced tips and tricks which will help you win the game easily as crewmates as well as the imposter. Let’s take a look at the tips in our Among Us guide.

If you are a crewmate

Wander in a group with someone you trust and focus on completing a task. This will allow you to eliminate suspects and lower the list of possible imposters. Beware, as the person, you may be grouping with can be an imposter. Check the admin map often to spot player locations and match it with dead body location to narrow down the suspects.

If you are the imposter

Pose like a crewmate, find a dark corner, and pretend to complete a task. As soon as a crewmate comes in hope to finish the task, that’s your cue. You can also self-report your own kill and make it look like a discovery.


More than being a pure mind game, it is hilarious. The fact that all of us have played similar games in our childhood (non-digital) ways makes it even more fun. So, don’t wait, jump in and try the practice mode for some great fun. And if you’re ever stumped as to what to do, be sure to check back the above guide for the tips and tricks for Among Us.

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