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Apex Legends Mobile Guide: Tips to craft in-game items

Players can craft in-game items with Replicators!

Apex Legends Mobile has officially been released, and we have witnessed many new features introduced in the game. One of many such features is the ability to craft items in-game. It is done using a crafting machine, Replicator, that can provide players with essentials to help them with their survival. In our guide, we will tell you about the Replicator, how to use them and where you can find them in-game.

Replicators in Apex Legends Mobile

Replicators are miniature stations present in different parts of the map. Players can use them to obtain certain items. Replicators have eight slots: 4 stay permanently, 2 vary every day, and 2 vary every week. To use a Replicator, players need to collect materials that they can obtain from opening chests and extracting them from an Extractor.

Apex Legends Craft items
Image via Electronic Arts

Players receive 5 materials on opening chests, and 25 from extracting from Extractors. These Extractors are near the Replicators. Up to 4 players can use the Replicator at once, or it can be used by a single player multiple times.

How to craft items using a Replicator in Apex Legends Mobile

After collecting sufficient materials, players can move towards a Replicator. When they are close enough, click on the Use option that pops up. Once clicked, the screen goes into the Replicator, showing players 10 different items to buy from.

Craft items in Apex legends Mobile
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The items that refresh on a daily and weekly basis, do not appear on ground loot or Loot Bins. These are usually in the form of attachments. Replicators take 10 seconds to craft an item, and once it has completed crafting, the chosen item will pop out of the Replicator.

Locations of Replicators in Apex Legends Mobile

Ten Replicators are located in different parts of the map, and it keeps rotating every game. In the image below, the points marked in blue are the places where players can find the Replicators and Extractors. The diamond-shaped points are the Extractors and the ones in the middle of them are the Replicators.

Replicator Locations in Apex legends mobile
Image via Electronic Arts

There are at least 2 Extractors present near every Replicator, which makes it easy for players to collect materials quicker. If a Replicator crafts an item, it creates a circle as it completes, letting the nearby enemies know of one’s presence. So when players wish to use a Replicator, ensure that they are no enemies around.

Final Thoughts

The Replicator is a great addition to Apex Legends Mobile, as it makes it possible for players to craft and receive high-tier loot easily. Items such as the Mobile Respawn Beacon will be available to craft from the Replicator. This is a great advantage because they can be found very rarely from the ground loot. Replicators do not provide weapons, thus players need to make sure that they don’t go straight towards a Replicator, rather, get armed yourselves beforehand.

Did you find our guide on how to craft items in Apex Legends Mobile helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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Really?75 materials for ONE epic backpack?I’d much rather get an armor upgrade or barrel stabilizer

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