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Apex Legends Mobile ‘Lunar New Year Treasures’ event: Tips to earn lunar coins and other rewards for free

Earn amazing rewards in Lunar New Year Treasures event!

To celebrate the Lunar New Year 2023, Apex Legends Mobile has introduced multiple time-limited events to mark the beginning of a new Lunar calendar. The latest event featuring legend Loba titled ‘Lunar New Year Treasures’ tasks players with completing a series of challenges to earn rewards for free in Apex Legends Mobile. The event commenced on January 20 and is active until February 9, 2023.

How to complete the ‘Lunar New Year Treasures’ event to earn free rewards

The event requires players to complete a series of 12 missions, each of which rewards players with festive coins, common packs, and more. ‘Lunar Coins’ are the festive coins that players can be use to redeem gifts and cosmetics at the new ‘Lunar New Year Store’. Here’s the list of the missions players need to complete in the event along with the corresponding rewards.

  • Complete 2 matches in any mode daily: 10 Lunar Coins
  • Claim victory in one BR match daily: 20 Lunar Coins
  • Play 5 matches in any mode: 1 Common Pack
  • Play 10 matches in any mode: 200 Lunar Coins
  • Finish in the top 3 in BR mode 6 times: 3 Mission Cards
  • Finish in the top 5 in BR mode 3 times: 100 Lunar Coins
  • Deal 4000 damage in any mode: 50,000 Season Pts
  • Deal 800 damage in Ranked match : 1 Loba Bootlegger Pack
  • Deal 2000 damage in any mode: 200 Lunar Coins
  • Kill enemies 10 times in BR mode: 1 Seeker of Knowledge Pack
  • Kill enemies 30 times in any mode: 300 Lunar Coins
  • Log in for 8 days: 100 Lunar Coins
Apex Legends Mobile Lunar New Year 2023
Image via EA

To access the event players must tap on the ‘Seasonal Hub’ section located on the right side of the home screen. This will take players to the ‘Underworld Hub’ listing the various live events running in-game. As players are eagerly waiting for season 4, that’s been delayed till next month, they can participate in these limited-time events to collect amazing free rewards.

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