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Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 2022 Weapons Tier List: Ranking from the best to worst

Know the good, better, and the best guns!

The long waiting is just on its edge to end. Talking about the global release of the long-anticipated Apex Legends Mobile, it is finally going to be out today. Since the soft launch of the most-hyped and awaited battle royale in 10 countries, the players were eagerly waiting for the game to come globally. As the wait is going to be over in a few hours, we prepared a weapons tier list in Apex Legends Mobile for the players in this season 1.

The tier list is based on the mobility of the weapons, dynamic use, attachment flexibility, firepower, range, etc. Besides, we have created separate tables and rows to know the best gun for each category. This guide to choosing the best gun, while going to a battle with the legends will help them boost their firepower, and create a difference from others.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 2022: Weapons Tier List

TierAssault Rifles (AR)Sub Machine Guns (SMGs)Light Machine Guns (LMGs)ShotgunsSnipersPistols
Strong (S)R-301 Carbine, VK-47 FlatlineVoltSpitfireMastiffKraber .50-Cal 
Good (A)HAVOCR-99Devotion LMGPeacekeeperSentinel, Longbow DMRWingman
Fair (B)HemlokAlternator SMGL-Star EMGEVA-8 AutoTriple TakeRE-45 Auto
Weak (C)G7 ScoutProwler Burst PDW MozambiqueCharge RifleP2020

Best Meta Weapons for Apex Legends Mobile in Season 1

S-Tier weapons

As one can see, the S-Tier has dominating weapons that can be handy for any type of player. Especially, beginners can choose from the list, as the weapons are capable of changing a fight at any time. The primary choice of each gamer, while choosing an Assault Rife will be the R-301 Carbine. Its balanced and dynamic use along with the rate of fire and covering range will bring the ultimate smile to a player.

Volt SMG is a great choice for close and mid-range fights. It is easy to control the recoil and the great damage stat of this gun will bring hell upon the enemies. On the other hand, the Pocket-Rocket Spitfire carries as many as 40-60 bullets and acts as a great hand in ranged fights.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Shotguns are for close-range fights, probably for extreme close. That is where the Mastiff is dope. This gun can deal a lot of damage to take down enemies quickly. Besides, the high rate of fire is another advantage of it. Kraber .50-Cal is the most powerful sniper rifle in Apex Legends Mobile. This bolt action rifle is not easy to find in the game, except in supply drops. “One shot, one kill”, goes perfectly well with this monster.

A-Tier weapons

These are close to the S-Tier weapons with some minor facts, because of which, players will leave them to their secondary list. HAVOC is the first choice of this category, in terms of Assault Rifles. A bigger magazine with the fastest bullet travel speed makes this gun a worthy weapon of choice. The R-99 SMG has the most rate of fire with 1000RPM. With an extended magazine, this one can take the enemy’s breath away.

Devotion LMG has a similar look to the assault rifle. It is easy to control its recoil and the high amount of fire rate is a bonus for the players using it. Attaching an extended magazine will lead the enemies to land some extra bullets on them. Though the name states Peacekeeper, the gun surely does not bring peace. A real threat to the opponents, this gun can bring down an enemy easily, if used properly.

Apex Legends Mobile Weapons Tier List a tier
Image via Respawn Entertainment

We have two sniper rifles in the A-Tier category. Sentinel can deal some impactful damage when charged up. This bolt-action Sniper can be used as a replacement for the high-profile Kraber .50-Cal. Though this one is a bit tricky to master, it can bring up some real differences, while engaging in long-range fights. On the other hand, Longbow DMR is a semi-automatic rifle that uses a single shot.

It is a perfect DMR to take down enemies, by landing a few bullets on them. The fire rate might cause some trouble, but accurate use will cover the fire rate issue. Wingman is the priority choice for the pistol category. It is not an ideal weapon for fights, except for playing the role of a support weapon at close range. All these weapons rightly make their way to the Weapons Tier List in Apex Legends Mobile.

B-Tier weapons

These weapons are not even the second choice but can do some work. Hemlok is not automatic, but rather uses a 3-rounds burst, which is good for close-range fights. Alternator SMG is a small firearm in size but has high accuracy while firing. This gun comes with high recoil, but that minimizes it, as it has a comparatively fast bullet travel speed.

The L-Star EMG in this category is another useful weapon to choose from. With a high fire rate and damage, this weapon can be dangerous in close combat. EVA-8 Auto Shotgun can fire consistently and deal a high amount of damage if the shots are connected to the head. Triple Take, the sniper rifle fires three bullets at the same time and has an advanced coke fire mode. While the RE-45 Auto machine pistol is a good support weapon with a high fire rate in this category of guns.

C-Tier weapons

These are a comparatively lower class of weapons. Some of them have unique features, but these guns are not worthy of fatal fights. However, players can choose them and still could manage to win fights. G7 Scout can hold only 26 bullets on top. But, the faster-running bullets are deadly. Prowler Burst PDW is a bullpup SMG, that can be deadly in close-quarter battles. Mozambique is a triple barrel shotgun with high accuracy while firing. The Charge Rifle in the sniper category is a little hard to master, but once a player can handle it well, there is total domination can be seen. P2020 is a regular pistol and not much use, as its competitors. However, players can still carry, if no other options are found.

Final Thoughts

The tier list is a suggestion of weapons that players can follow to get an upper hand in fierce battles. However, there are other suitable options for the players to choose a weapon from a variety of classes. But, it is recommended to follow the tier list, so that players can have the maximum experience in shooting and dominating enemies.

What are your thoughts on the Tier List of weapons in Apex Legends Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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